#keriitletostyle : Best skirt

11 November 2017

Happy Saturday!
It's been such a long time since I talked about my outfit on my blog.
As I already told you guys previously, I was having an issue with my body, its not an issue actually because it's my choice. I gained weight so much this year, I guess I'm happier or stressed..haha but I choose the happy lah. I'm happy so I gained weight and I ate like crazy and seems the world will end tomorrow. I also not sure why am I like that! Maybe one of the reason is I will be 30 years old next year so my metabolism is not working like it's use before. I guess, I don't know but I'm happy to feed myself with food, any foof. So, the result, I gained weight and my body not look so nice anymore. I lose confident to pose in front of my camera for my outfit diary or famously known as #ootd. But, everything change when I found this skirt from Bundle festival nearby where I lived. I bought 3 skirt for just RM10. What's an amazing deal and finding! I love it and I feel comfortable with it also it make me look a bit slim lah, a bit lah..please! hahahhaa.
So, after so is my outfit diary for last week.

The best yet to come

05 November 2017

Today is one of a meaningful day in my best friend's life.
It’s his convocation day after so long. Thanks to God for make this happen and also, for whatever He did for us in our life.I’m so thankful for able to be in the meaningful moment in my best friend’s life. You know what, the best feeling I ever feel was when I saw him come out from the hall, I feel so excited, happy, proud and thankful. Now, I wonder if my parent and siblings ever feel that way on my convocation last time? I hope they feel just like I feel here...hahaha.It feels so good to see the smile of people that we love, its make me believe life is wonderful.
So, I want to dedicate this post to my partner in crime/my best friend’s Mac.

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