List of Bible verse for your wedding day

24 March 2018

Hi there~
It's been awhile since my last post here.
I've been so caught up with my busy life schedule.
But, today I want to share with you guy list of Bible verse that you can use during your wedding day or even become the foundation of your marriage. If you find something that close to your heart, please read the Bible ya.

KEBANA 2018 Festival

21 February 2018

 Hi there~
Finally we got the date for KEBANA 2018, it's exciting news for all Kenyah Badeng people around the world.
Do you know what is KEBANA?
In 2016, I wrote few interesting facts about KEBANA Festival ( I love to called it festival because it's just big as Christmas celebration for Kenyah people). If you haven't read that interesting facts, you can click here. 
And, today I want to share about what is KEBANA? Why do we celebrate it? how do we celebrate it? when do we celebrate it?

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