Something new for me

20 January 2018

This 2018, I have a new journey.
It's been 1 week since I got the house key.
I've visited it twice now. I still feel nervous like crazy but at the same time, I feel a lot stronger.
At the end of this week, I feel stressed out. I've hectic work life, my photo editing dateline is approaching also I do the budgeting and plan what to buy first and do first for the new house along with my partner, which I thought easier before. But, oh God, I don't know this will be such a crazy journey.
This is my first post related to my new house and I don't know what to say. For now, I just share what I feel at this moment.

Pray about everything.fear nothing

14 January 2018

Happy Monday~
How are you? or how's your weekend? I hope you have a blessed and wonderful weekend. As for me, my last weekend is one of the overwhelming weekend in my life. I still can't believe what just happen.But, what I can say is,
God is good, all the time.
God always make His promise on time.
Finally the biggest dream ever has come true. 

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