Life Tips : Don't look down on yourself

23 June 2018

Hye!, happy weekend everyone!
Today, I want to share something that I thought very useful for every range of age. 
It's about self love. 
It's very common thing to do but I think it's hard to do so far. This is what I really observed on myself and some people close to me. Sometimes, I blamed myself for whatever happen in my life and feel like I am worthless and because of that perceptions, it's took me 1 year or more than that to correct that.
You can be your biggest fan or biggest enemy, you choose. 

8 useful apps for your youth ministry

21 June 2018

Hi there!
It's time for me to share something useful for your youth ministry.
I won't talk or describe more about this, just go check it out, explore and use it.
Here I list 8 useful apps that I used before so don't forget to check it out!

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