KEBANA 2018 Festival

21 February 2018

 Hi there~
Finally we got the date for KEBANA 2018, it's exciting news for all Kenyah Badeng people around the world.
Do you know what is KEBANA?
In 2016, I wrote few interesting facts about KEBANA Festival ( I love to called it festival because it's just big as Christmas celebration for Kenyah people). If you haven't read that interesting facts, you can click here. 
And, today I want to share about what is KEBANA? Why do we celebrate it? how do we celebrate it? when do we celebrate it?

keriitleto Photography : Seswanto & Anikedesi Wedding Day

19 February 2018

Hi there~
It's time for sharing my latest project for #keriitletophotography.
It's my nephew's wedding ( yes, my nephew! haha). It's such a wonderful day for them and it's full of love. I just love that. Congratulations to my latest clients. God bless you.
Enjoy the photos.

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