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HongKong, Last day) | Departure from HK to Penang

Time to going back to Malaysia. I feel sad to leave Hong Kong, the city that full of exciting event and beautiful places. So, I want to share my final thought about Hong Kong.
I will divide it into some categories, so keep reading.
My review of Macau and Hong Kong.


HongKong, Day 5 | Stanley Market, Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds HK

On our 5th day, we visited 3 places on 1 day. We run out of the time now. Time is really gone very fast here.
First, we visit Stanley Market. The special things to do here is buying souvenir but I think it's expensive than Ngong Ping, so I recommend buy souvenir at Ngong Ping.Since today is a very pack journey, let's be share one by one.First place that we went is Stanley Market.Second and third place is Victoria Peak & Madame Tussauds HK.Basically, the Stanley Market looks like downtown concept at Malaysia.They sell so many souvenir and many pretty things for sure.


HongKong, Day 4 | Ngong Ping 360 & Giant Buddha

Today, we went to Ngong Ping 360 and Giant Buddha. 
My first impression of this places is there will be high places and something big. And, yes! It is.We need to ride the cable car to went here and I am soo afraid of high that I don't care because I wanted to experience come here.
Let's see what's here!


HongKong, Day 3 | Hong Kong Disneyland

Finally, the time has came!Yay!
 On our 3rd day at HK, we went to HK Disneyland, the places that I love so much.
 I still remember my sister and I talk about HK disneyland  before, my sister said she want save up her money, so she can go to HK disneyland. But, I'm glad that I make it early than her. Thanks to my love one. The greatest man alive that I ever seen so far..haha. Just kidding!As usual, breakfast is MUST before you do anything. This time our breakfast is very special because we had chance to eat HK dim sum. I forgot the restaurant name but I still can remember the taste of the dim sum now. Delicious! Everytime think of it, its make me want to eat dim sum again.. :)


Macau Trip, Day 1 | Senado Square

After put our things at hotel, we walk around at Macao . One of the MUST visit here is The Senado Square. This place is just simply make me ,Wow! The view is breathtaking and life is wonderful if I live here..hahha, just kidding!
I love the street and the view. It's really interesting, full of light and I can't wait to capture photo as many as I can and don't forget to buy souvenir here. People recommend to buy here so just buy it and at the end, it so good souvenir.

Hong Kong, Day 2 | Victoria Harbour

Yay! We're at HK now!
After we back from our trip at Macau, firstly we put our things at hotel, then after that we directly went to special places, the main attractions of HK. So tired but this is typical routine whenever went travel. If you not went here, seems like you never went to HK. The special place is Victoria Harbor.
This places known for the Symphony of Lights, Avenue of Stars and so many attraction.
 We arrived here early here but sadly it's raining. But, no worries because we can went shopping at SOGO HK, just nearby the Victoria Harbor. We waiting for the raining stopped by went shopping.haha but, I managed to buy pretty watch. ^_^
Let's enjoy the view of Victoria Harbour plus Avenue Stars during day time, don't bother the bad weather. :)

Macau Day 2, The Ruins of St. Paul

My first morning at Macau, feel wanna sleep more because the bed is so comfortable and my body feel tired too. But, we need to explore the city and if can we want to see or went to most of the attraction places at Macau. Since we limited of time so we just went to the selected places only.
Before start anything, we went for breakfast as usual. Break fast is important whenever you are.

Macau Day 1, Macau Tower

Without care about our tired body, we go to visit and see Macao Tower. My photographer friends really excited to come here to capture photos of Macao city. I don't have DSLR camera so I end up sit there and feel the moment. The height of this tower is 338m.Errr...I am so scared! This tower is being used for observation and entertainment, also for telecommunications and broadcasting, for your information.
 I am afraid of height but I don't waste my time and energy so I need to be brave to experience this . Since we come on the quite late night so there no much people.
 Lets enjoy our photos!


[Macau] Day 1, The Venetian Hotel & Casino

I still can't believe I spent my night at HK, I still feel so excited now.
Yeah, I know, I'm sound overexcited, you'll feel like this once you went for your oversea trip for the first time in your life.Trust me!
For our first day, we went to Macau. Macau is close to HK so we want to take chance to visit. When you travel to HK, don't forget to extent your travel to Macau. We went there by ferry. and before that, I need more energy to experience the exciting day, so breakfast time.
I think for any tourist, we will find food that feel like home or similar when we abroad. I mean, we ate McD for our first breakfast. This is my first time drink coffee at McCafe and I am hooked with the taste of coffee.


[Hong Kong] Welcome to Hong Kong! | My first time

Hi everyone!
I'm super excited now. Its my first time ever travel abroad. Nervous and excited feeling mixed very well.During this trip, I start to falling in love with sky. It look so beautiful and I feel so blessed when I surrounded by skies.
I travelled from Penang to HongKong and it took 3 hours plus but I feel not tired at all because of my excited feeling and love in the air..haha, I travelling with my love one so I feel no boring at all when he is beside me. When we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), its not that hard to find any transportation to go to our hotel. Their transportation system is very convenience and it easy. All you need is Octopus card ( I forgot to take picture but Mr Google will help).