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Hong Kong, Day 2 | Victoria Harbour

18 June 2012

Yay! We're at HK now!
After we back from our trip at Macau, firstly we put our things at hotel, then after that we directly went to special places, the main attractions of HK. So tired but this is typical routine whenever went travel. If you not went here, seems like you never went to HK. The special place is Victoria Harbor.
This places known for the Symphony of Lights, Avenue of Stars and so many attraction.
 We arrived here early here but sadly it's raining. But, no worries because we can went shopping at SOGO HK, just nearby the Victoria Harbor. We waiting for the raining stopped by went shopping.haha but, I managed to buy pretty watch. ^_^
Let's enjoy the view of Victoria Harbour plus Avenue Stars during day time, don't bother the bad weather. :)

I can't believe all this is in front of my eyes, I used to see this on Jackie Chan movie or some of the HK stars movie.

What a good place to advertise company! :)

Everywhere is great building..

See, I taking photo here for prove that I already went here..together with my friends!

On this Victoria Harbour, so many name of Chinese actor name here. It kind like walk of fame.

Another proof is here..hehe

I'm really having fun here because I amazed of this. I only saw these scene on HK movie and now, it in front of my marvelous!

I taking photo a lot!hahhaa... I recommend bring also your compact camera whenever travel.

I'm having fun with good environment here.

For today, we goin to spend our time at here only..even though it just like "waterfront" but it's look more interesting. Super interesting!

For lunch, you no need to worry, there SOGO HK near the Victoria Harbor. So, you can eat there plus if you want to shopping, this places always welcome you!

After we ate our lunch and dinner, we waiting something exciting on the night.

Symphony of the light! But, I'm sorry I don't have any firework picture at all..too bad, my camera is not DLSR so cannot capture that moment.
After watch symphony of light, we went back to our hotel. But, before that we walk around the hotel area. Actually, there kind of big night market and there so many shop too. Here is the scene. I still remember 2am, people still busy buying and selling something. What a busy city.

Time moving so fast here...
Night time...Zzzz
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