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HongKong, Day 3 | Hong Kong Disneyland

20 June 2012

Finally, the time has came!Yay!
 On our 3rd day at HK, we went to HK Disneyland, the places that I love so much.
 I still remember my sister and I talk about HK disneyland  before, my sister said she want save up her money, so she can go to HK disneyland. But, I'm glad that I make it early than her. Thanks to my love one. The greatest man alive that I ever seen so far..haha. Just kidding!As usual, breakfast is MUST before you do anything. This time our breakfast is very special because we had chance to eat HK dim sum. I forgot the restaurant name but I still can remember the taste of the dim sum now. Delicious! Everytime think of it, its make me want to eat dim sum again.. :)

After finish breakfast, time to go to HK Disneyland..yeah! The MTR Disneyland is so cute!
My inner kids feeling start to come out at this moment. All things surround me is cutest and greatest! I never had a dreamed to see all this kind of things in front of my eyes. I am thankful for this.

Welcome to HK Disneyland!!!

Welcome to my castle!!

Of course, I will make memories with it!haha

Here is our lunch...

Even the tissue is look special to me.

The parade..all out!

LOVE from HK
I feel like one day is not enough for me to spend my time here.
There so many things that I really want to place but too bad, we just don't have time for that.
I love Disneyland so much!
 More photos come soon!

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