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HongKong, Day 4 | Ngong Ping 360 & Giant Buddha

21 June 2012

Today, we went to Ngong Ping 360 and Giant Buddha. 
My first impression of this places is there will be high places and something big. And, yes! It is.We need to ride the cable car to went here and I am soo afraid of high that I don't care because I wanted to experience come here.
Let's see what's here!

First, we eat breakfast as usual and then go to interesting place.
Look yummy!!and's really yummy. This is our breakfast for the 4th day at HK.
I still having a great time..hahaha. I feel want to live here already. There so many beautiful and delicious food here. Yummy yummy~

I forgot what this bun name already but I love it! Of course, during this time I can't eat the whole bun, share with friends.

Awkward smile at Mong Kok !
I wore a dress today and sandals.

Tickets to Ngong Ping 360!

I hate to ride this cable car because I am so afraid of high!

Finally, I'm here!

Group photo of us! Someone is not here.
Since this place is in highest place so its feel so chilly ~

What the best thing is after we went down, we can go shopping! Near the Ngong Ping 360, there one Factory Outlet here. There so many branded things here and what amazed me is every shop, there people queue up, seems like the things are very cheap!
You won't believe me.

I just managed to enter COACH shop and I just can touch my dream bag there. I cannot afford it, so sad! One day, one COACH handbag will come to me, hehe.

I just shopping some HK ( I love HK)  here and I bought a lot of t-shirt at Giodarno, but whenever I'm thinking of what I bought here, I didn't have good memories at all. Reasons because I cannot buy whatever I want here..hahaha.


Estelle Paya

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