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[Hong Kong] Welcome to Hong Kong! | My first time

16 June 2012

Hi everyone!
I'm super excited now. Its my first time ever travel abroad. Nervous and excited feeling mixed very well.During this trip, I start to falling in love with sky. It look so beautiful and I feel so blessed when I surrounded by skies.
I travelled from Penang to HongKong and it took 3 hours plus but I feel not tired at all because of my excited feeling and love in the air..haha, I travelling with my love one so I feel no boring at all when he is beside me. When we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), its not that hard to find any transportation to go to our hotel. Their transportation system is very convenience and it easy. All you need is Octopus card ( I forgot to take picture but Mr Google will help).

This is Octopus card, I don't why they name it as Octopus..

Image from Google Images
Using this card, you can travel anywhere in HK. I think its like Touch n Go in Malaysia.
Upon our arrival at HKIA, this exciting trip will officially begin.
Excited face of mine
From HKIA, we took bus to go to Mong Kok  because we think the train is expensive. But, actually not that expensive, I recommend take the train since it'll be directly go to your destination compare to bus. If you are super brave traveler, bus is good option for you. What good point ride the bus is, if you reach at night, you'll be able to see the beautiful HK. Beautiful..When we reach to our hotel, we check in first and then, we go around for our dinner..I'm hungry! I feel excited to taste HK food and I saw some similar scene on HK movies when we walk around. You don't believe me, here it is, this is real, not google images.hahha

You want to know what my first impression on HK food here? I feel funny when I recall it because I feel the soup is so plain and feel like there no salt at all, they eating healthy maybe! Plus, the shop is very tiny and thanks God, my size still managed to squeeze in and eat peacefully! What I am worried is the waiter accidentally "drop" the food on you, oh no! But, its kind fun eating in small space.
I'm so excited to see new world around me now. Everything is new and different.
I cannot wait for tomorrow and enjoy this beautiful and exciting journey!

Travel lesson :
- Make sure you have your travel plan whenever you go for traveling, so you know where you headed too. Its better to make a list, directions and some common conversation to ask local. HK people speak in Cantonese so please learn that language. :)

- I think wear sport shoes or sneaker its better...haha unless you wanted to look "good" then bring your heels around..hahhaa. I recommend wear your trusty sneakers.

And here the MTR map for you ( You always can googling), 
for my trip last time, I stayed at Mong Kok Area.

Image credit :

See you on next post for exciting day at HK.

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