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HongKong, Last day) | Departure from HK to Penang

23 June 2012

Time to going back to Malaysia. I feel sad to leave Hong Kong, the city that full of exciting event and beautiful places. So, I want to share my final thought about Hong Kong.
I will divide it into some categories, so keep reading.
My review of Macau and Hong Kong.

1. The transportation - No worries, its very easy and convenience. Don't forget to buy the Octopus card at the airport. Here the Metro Map.

2. Accommodations- There so many, make sure you know to find the better one. My friend booked the hotel so I don't know how to recommend, sorry ya!
3. Foods - I like their dim sum so much! Some of the food really not taste because its salt less.
4. Shopping - I'm not sure I went to the right place but seems all the things is expensive I think. Maybe I don't have much money..hahaha
5. HK peoples- They're friendly and they will help you whenever you asking for directions. Don't worry as long as you can speak Cantonese.
6. HK first, Macau and HK again - You should do this whenever you visit HK.
Finally, I love Hong Kong and I want to go there again, I want to stay at Disney land hotel and spend my whole day at Disney Land and play everything there until I feel satisfied.
One thing I realised after I went travel to another country is I still missing Malaysian food whenever I there.Here I want to say Big thanks to all my friends and the guy that I love the most because make my dream come true! I'm sorry for not making your dream come true as you did to me. I will remember this memory until die will make me forget this memory.

If you have any questions to ask, you can share it!
Happy Reading.
Stay tune for Bandung Shopping Trip!!


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