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Macau Day 1, Macau Tower

18 June 2012

Without care about our tired body, we go to visit and see Macao Tower. My photographer friends really excited to come here to capture photos of Macao city. I don't have DSLR camera so I end up sit there and feel the moment. The height of this tower is 338m.Errr...I am so scared! This tower is being used for observation and entertainment, also for telecommunications and broadcasting, for your information.
 I am afraid of height but I don't waste my time and energy so I need to be brave to experience this . Since we come on the quite late night so there no much people.
 Lets enjoy our photos!

I like to do this when I ride the empty elevator ( but not always, see the situation..hahaha).
 I feel like Superwoman, don't believe me, try it next time on the lift.haha

Here you go! The photos of my photographer friends and me. They super excited and passionate about photography and I always prayed they will be great Photographer and capture all the best memories in their life and other people in their life. In case they read this post, " Hi, my greatest friends! All the best on your dreams.". :), Don't bother my scared face on this photos.

I love this couch because  its lippie shaped.hahha, I just relaxed here and enjoying the moment on Macao Tower. I never dreamed to come here and enjoying this kind of experiences. Thanks to all my great friends that makes my dreams come true. Lets talk about the couch! hahahaa..

After taking so much photo, we going back to our hotel and its time to rest!
So, that how my first day at Macau look like. So many places to visit within one day.
It's been tired day..ahh...but still exciting day!
Next is the second day at Macau..more exciting days...

The summary of Day 1 at Macao City.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos.

Date : 20 June 2012 ( Night)

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