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Macau Trip, Day 1 | Senado Square

19 June 2012

After put our things at hotel, we walk around at Macao . One of the MUST visit here is The Senado Square. This place is just simply make me ,Wow! The view is breathtaking and life is wonderful if I live here..hahha, just kidding!
I love the street and the view. It's really interesting, full of light and I can't wait to capture photo as many as I can and don't forget to buy souvenir here. People recommend to buy here so just buy it and at the end, it so good souvenir.
Here the street that has a lot of good food and great view!

Without even realize, time passing so fast here and its dinner time. Same situation happen again at here. There's no big place to eat, we found the smallest place to eat at Macao again.
This time very tiny and tiny...hahaa and the food is really disappointing. Its dim sum but the taste is just like kind of durian. I don't know!
After eating our dinner, we just walk around at Senado Square. Senado Square is a one area in the centre of the former Portuguese colony of Macau, enclosed by the buildings of the Leal Senado, the General Post Office, and St. Dominic’s Church.
The places below is Santa Casa da Miseric√≥rdia during night.  Its a historic white building in Macau's Senado Square.
Another historic building is St. Dominic's Church. It is located near the Leal Senado Building ( I do not take photo of it, so sad!) but that building just in front of Senado Square.

Our group photos at Senado Square.
If you love historic building, I recommend you come here. If you don't like, don't worry the building is look beautiful and worth it every click on your camera. This places is good for background for any of your photos, you won't regret it, trust me!
The exciting night continue when we visited the Macao Tower.Very tired because we visit so many places at one day. But, that traveling about.
Next, we went to Macau Tower. We take taxi from Senado Square to Macao Tower.

Date : 20 June 2012 ( Day 1 at Macao)

See ya!

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