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Macau Day 2, The Ruins of St. Paul

18 June 2012

My first morning at Macau, feel wanna sleep more because the bed is so comfortable and my body feel tired too. But, we need to explore the city and if can we want to see or went to most of the attraction places at Macau. Since we limited of time so we just went to the selected places only.
Before start anything, we went for breakfast as usual. Break fast is important whenever you are.

Before I forget, this is our hotel look like. .

Back to breakfast matter, for our break fast this time, we not went to fast food. 
We want to try local break fast. Forget to mentioned, we went to Senado Square again, to see the view during day. So, we breakfast at this shop, Wong Che Kei ( I don't know this is the shop name or not). Here you go! Our delicious breakfast of the day!

Then, breakfast is done and we ready to explore Senado Square one more time. Lets enjoy the view in my lense camera perspective..haha

When you go to Macau, don't forget to try their delicious Portugese tart..very delicious plus Geum Jan Di is eat it when they shooting at Macau..haha

The attraction at Macau is so many but we couldn't go for all places.
Since today is our last day at Macao, so we need to go this place,  what I mean is The Ruins of St. Paul's. The Ruins is one of the famous landmark at Macao. So, its waste if we not going here.

After exploring The Ruins of St.Paul's, its time to try something that MUST try when you come to Macao. But, too bad for me, I don't like Soy so I don't try it! I don't know what the name but my friends said it taste soo good.

If you thinking of which country you can visit, Macau always welcome you!
It's really great place for traveling.So, that all for Macau Travel diary..I want to go Macau again....
Errr..last not least, overload with selfie..hahaha

Next is back to HK journey!
If you need more info about Macau, please visit their official website here.

See you on HK!

Estelle Paya

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