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[Macau] Day 1, The Venetian Hotel & Casino

17 June 2012

I still can't believe I spent my night at HK, I still feel so excited now.
Yeah, I know, I'm sound overexcited, you'll feel like this once you went for your oversea trip for the first time in your life.Trust me!
For our first day, we went to Macau. Macau is close to HK so we want to take chance to visit. When you travel to HK, don't forget to extent your travel to Macau. We went there by ferry. and before that, I need more energy to experience the exciting day, so breakfast time.
I think for any tourist, we will find food that feel like home or similar when we abroad. I mean, we ate McD for our first breakfast. This is my first time drink coffee at McCafe and I am hooked with the taste of coffee.

After our breakfast, we went to buy the ticket ferry to Macau. I don't remember the place already, so sorry! But, its not hard to find it and can buy the tickets easily . Once we went on the tickets counter, the ticket still available, so we able to board the ferry on time. My friends and I will stay at Macau for 2 days 1  night, so I will enjoy the moment there.

Tips : If you have time to select the seat, I recommend choose the middle seat and never ever choose the in front seat because you going to be so headache because of the ferry movement in the middle of wave.
And, before that I want to reveal why I am so excited to visited Macau?
If you are fans of Korean drama then you'll know what I am talking about..hahaa. The main reason I'm really excited visited Macau because of hit korean drama 2010 " Boys over flower". They shooting some scenes at Macau and I can't wait to see that places. You'll see it later..

Our ticket is ready!

My HK and Macau travel friends.

I forget how many hours already we take when we travel from HK to Macao using ferry,I dont really remember it because I feel so dizzy . We sit in front row of the ferry seat so that why!
Upon arrived at Macau, we need the Immigration checking then we took bus directly went to tourist attraction at Macau..jeng jeng...You know what is is???
The place name  is Venetian Hotel. This hotel is  a luxury hotel and casino resort in Macau.
For your information, the Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the world, and the largest single structure hotel building in Asia. Here is the entrance.Lets make memories here.

I was amazed with the toilet and without hesitate, I took "selfie" on the toilet ( luxury toilet)

Here you go! The "Boys over flowers" Macau scene places is here.

If you ever watched that drama, you Geum Jan Di ride this boat too..

How amazing is the floor and shop around it.

Let's make memories here..

That's not really a real sky..

As I mentioned previously, I am so excited to visit Macao because of Boys over flower Drama and here is one of shooting place.ahhaha and "selfie" overload. On that bridge, Geum Jan Di crying after Go Jun Pyo "dumped" her. Its so sad scene but I am excited to see the place in front of my eyes.

After wondering, full of amazed and take a lot of selfie ( especially me!) in the Venetian hotel and casino, time to headed to our hotel for check in and put our things. We carried our things..ahh, so tired. I advice just bring backpack so you'll comfortable when go around.
 Before I end my The Venetian Hotel trip, lets overload yourself with my selfie at the hotel.haha

Next place to visit is Senado Square and Macao Tower. See you on next post!

Date : 20 June 2012 ( Afternoon & Evening)


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