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Outfit Diary : Wearing Kenyah traditional clothes

Hi there!
After a very long time, I had or I make a chance and time to wear our Kenyah traditional custome. The meaning of my post above is " I am Kenyah Badeng Girl". I am is ake' and Leto is Girl. So, you know a bit of Kenyah language now, so let's practice " Ake = I am" and "Leto= Girl". Good!I always wanted to wear this traditional custome or its called " ta-a kelip". This is the ladies traditional custome for Kenyah. Beside this ta-a, there will be some accesories that will complete the look.I won't explained detailed regarding the ta-a accescories but I wanted to show or share my experience when wearing this ta-a. I am Kenyah girl but I didn't wearing it after very very very long time, I don't know how to do traditional dance so my chance to wear it is very rare. Who will wear this in normal life?Since I come back home this year, I will try wear it on my own and capture it as usual.

Friendship never ends for 88's

During this Christmas, I had chance to see some of my friends that I used to be with when I am at Sarawak. We know each other when we're very young, I think before we even start enter school, we already know each other. Can you imagine how long is this friendship. And yes, we admitted that there some love and hate in this relationship, we cannot avoid that. That what friendship for. Friendship without that is feel like there no salt on the soup ( something like this..), it will feel incomplete. After several month we do not meet each other due to our work and any personal related, during this Christmas day we had opportunity to capturing some moment together.
So, let's enjoy!

This is some of us! Hopefully, someday we can capture all of us and put it on frame and remember it for the whole of our life and if meet at heaven someday, we will continue this relationship. Kemajuan ka seroga.

Let's me introduce, this is a very good  childhood friend and closed neighbor too.hahha. We are growing up together and she is gorgeous right?
All 88's friends is my childhood friends but I think I spent most of the time with her since we lived in the same area and our house very near. I didn't remember very well how the relationship going but now, we still the same, neighbor and friends as always.

Friends is one of precious asset that we had in this world.
Without friends, there nobody can help you to get through some obstacle in life.
Don't be scare to be friends with new people surround you, be friendly and know how to choose a good friends. If you do not know, ask God give you a good friends, He will give it to you!

Thanks for reading!

Estelle Paya

Thankful Christmas { Day 3}

Christmas Eve Day

Day 3{ 24 Dec 2013}
Today is our house "ngabang" day.  This year, we just prepared a simple food and simple biscuits.
 But, rainy day again and if rainy day, there only few people will come to "ngabang". 
This Christmas is full of rainy day. I love rainy day but not this time. I want to share some of picture of our "ngabang" this year. Very simple! No decorations or fancy thing, just simple as this. Its okay, its still look lovely and we love the biscuits and foood..haha.

This is our lovely house. Our antics and simple house and hopefully, we can make it wonderful house someday.

Let's move on!
As I told you on previous post, I had done something extreme this Christmas Eve this year.
Want to know more? Keep reading... :)

Here it is!hahahhaha.. I know, you laughing right now. WHO the girl that you just see below?hahhhaa... That's me my friends. There no difference but the outfit is a bit different right? Its really suit me. I am ahjumma at my kampung. I am used people called me ahjumma whenever I dressed like this or even when I am not dress like this. I am enjoying it and I totally don't care what people think of me, and this who I am whenever I went back to kampung. I went to "uma" and dressed up like this. I think I shouldn't called it dressed up, lets called it "I wear like this"..haha.

After very long time, I didn't see how the paddy "growing" up and here I come again. Finally, I can see it again and the air surround the paddy field is very  refreshing but too bad, the weather is extremely hot and I am sunburn..huahauahaua.I don't dare to see my face..hahaha but that is normal when you're under the sun.During this precious time, I also capturing some photo that can always in my memories forever and ever.
I will never forget where I am from and I will always cannot change that but I can change what future ahead me with God there with me. I am talk a lot of God nowadays, but I kinda like it. I am in love with him. He is the greatest man I ever seen in my life.

This is panorama picture but seems its not work here, I guess or I don't know..haha

Okay, during the break, I love to capturing the moment like this. Pose like a silly person and if my "photographer " is good enough, I will pose more than this..hahhhahhahaha.
Usually, this what I am doing whenever went to do something like this..capturing the moment with silly, ahjumma or whatever it call. Its not bad being ahjumma at kampung, what the matter is what in your heart and your bank account.hahaha, agree? Lets dress like ahjumma so we'll had a lot of money on our bank account..

Oppsie, its too hot but I am not hot..hahhaha

Okay, here is my favorite part here. Capturing the wild fruit or flower.Some of the wild fruit is I used to eat when I growing up at kampung. During harvest time, this is one of wild fruit that I always eat. I think the name of this is "bampu" in Kenyah language. You cannot eat it if its look green but when its turn to yellowish, you can eat it. The taste is sweet.

Another one is here. We called this " buak lemutin" but we do not eat the flower. We just eat the fruit. This fruit will make you tongue look purple that I love the most of this wild fruit.Showing the purple tongue is always cool when I am little girl!

Chilli picking time... They're busying picking the chilli while I am busy capturing the moment...hahaha

My favorite.. Lia akau in the making...

Wild flower that I seen...

After the extreme activities, now its time for celebrate the Christmas Eve. I went to church with my sunburn face and its feel very hot..huhu. Lesson of this, don't do extreme things on Christmas Eve Day...hahaha.

That's how my Christmas Eve Day ended! Its full of activity and a lot of food, I totally enjoyed it and I love it! That how life must go on. Enjoy every moment and every food that God already give you. Don't ever feel like your day is wasted. Your day is never wasted, you always do something.

Thanks for reading!

See you soon,
Estelle Paya

Thankful Christmas {Day 2}

Day 2 { 23 Dec 2013}
Its "ngabang" time!
"Ngabang" means open house in English. During this "ngabang" time,you're free to go to any house that you always wanted to go(maybe..) or visit any of your relatives or friends or neighbors. Its depends on you. Usually, everyone will served you with their best food and some of modern biscuits that we usually seen during big festival like Hari Raya, Deepavalli and Chinese New Years. At my kampung, the "ngabang" duration is 3 days and its start from 8am~ 12pm. During this time, you're free to eat anywhere you went. You'll most welcome if you can eat a lot..hahaha. 

During the first day of "ngabang", I just went to one house, my sister's in law house. Its rainy day and I feel like not eating anymore because ate a lots at home..haha.So, here is the photo of our first "ngabang".
Oppsie, my picture again..haha

Okay, here is my third big sisters.. She is slimmer than me even though she has one little boy.huh!

So, here is my eldest sister, the one in white shirt. We had same face structure and almost same in every way.

Okay, let's pose on this lovely river ( This consider river right?..haha).. Its still look good and I enjoyed a lot when I "take bath" here..

The selca never die..hahaha. This time, pretend look somewhere else..hahahha

Introducing my fourth sisters, we almost the same.. we are the "healthiest" in our family. We always feel bad but take it easy...hahhaha

Last selca for today with my sister..hehe.

Just like day, day 1 of "ngabang" is passed like that. Whenever I am home, I feel like the time is moving sooooooo fast and sometime, I feel like I cannot catch up with time. There so many things to do and I always fall sleep early whenever I at kampung..sleep time is around 9pm like that and wake up at 8am something like that. Don't you feel that awesome?hahhhaa
Okay, next will be second day of "ngabang" and Christmas eve day..
I done something extreme..hahhaa..
Want to know how extreme is that? See you on next post!

Estelle Paya

Thankful Christmas 2013 {Day1}

 Day 1 {22 Dec 2013}
Opsie for my messy hair. I just finished take morning bath this time and I am so excited to take some picture of myself before I start eat after this and as usual gaining weight..haha. Its will always gaining weight every Christmas but I kinda love it, gain weight and lose weight, its routine for young girl..haha. What I hated or sometime love about taking bath at my kampung is the water is damn cold and every morning whenever wanna take bath, feel like wanna freeze.
I am totally love the picture of myself, not because I am beautiful, skinny or any that can define it but I love to see it someday and I remembered that I enjoyed my life as much as I can.

I think I always pose in this way. The "tumbang" pose.hahhaaa

Okay, I wanna introduce the little heroes of my life. I hope they will be greatest man in their generation and will be a good and gentleman in their life.
Start with the eldest,here they are..
This "laki manai"/little boy name is Anthony Ryan, 12 years old.

 Here is the fastest growing up. His name is Enrique Henlee Jack,7 years. We always called him as "adik manis" because he very closed with my parent and sometime we feel like we had a little brother.hahaha

Okay, among the boys this one is very quirky. His name is Roy Clinton, 8 years.
He always has pose whenever I say " I will take picture of you guys"..hahaha. I think he is funny little boy. Whenever we slept, he still come hugs the ahjummaz as usual. I think he did that since he sooo small and now, still the same.hahhaa

What the funniest moment with this little boy is I didn't realized there mosquito biting him and I enjoyed take his picture..haha. Sorry boy!

 Okay, finish of introducing my little boys.
They're actually my nephews and I feel like I growing old whenever see them but I don't want getting old yet.hahhaa.
In Kenyah Language said like this "mapo kupit".
The meaning is trying to against the aging.I guess..hahhaa

Thanks for reading and enjoyed the picture.

Estelle Paya

Thankful Christmas 2013

Hi my friends,
Before its too late, I wanna wish you Merry Christmas. I was away to countryside to celebrating this Christmas. I am a countryside or Kampung girl so this is  my usual routine every year in my life.
No matter far I went, this is place that I always wanna be. Even though this place no phone connection or internet connection ( only at school area has it) but I always so happy whenever back here.
This is place is the place I growing up, learned ABC, learned Math, or overall, learned to socialized in my life. There so much memories that I had in this lovely place. This place is always on my mind and it will be forever and ever in my heart. Seem like I will leaving this place soon,haha..nope. I just come back from there and I feel homesick now. Buahahahhahaa..feeling homesick at this age, its totally not growing up girl.hahaha.
This year Christmas is not like other Christmas that I ever had in my life. This Christmas is full of thankful. I feel thankful because God still gives us chance to see each of family members after 1 years  or several month we didn't meet. I still wanna be thankful even though the leader of our family which is my dad is unable to walk around to see how wonderful is Christmas, I feel thankful because God gives us life.

I am not bragging or whining about this Christmas, I really feel like this totally lesson for me as a daughter. Its hard to be a very good daughter in this hardest time for my dad. Saying something is always easy but when converted it to action, its totally different. I tried my best while I was on his side. He bear with all the uncomfortable and sickness, its very painful to see that. God will always with him and He will give us strength to face all these. For this Christmas, even though its not as merry as last year or previous year but this is THANKFUL CHRISTMAS.
I learned that "be thankful in every situation you ever face in life, take it as a challenge from God and look forward on what you can do, don't ever blame God for the hard time, ask for strength to face all these".
Maybe, just saying is easy, I know. I already experienced it but don't give up. Prayer is most powerful medicine that we had whenever we had a rough time, don't quit or give up. Stay strong and focused on GOD.
I take you to some view of my journey to my village. Its wonderful view but too bad my camera quality is not good enough to capture the great view.
My dream to capture more of this next year using high quality camera.

Wonderful view right?
I always love sky so I capture the sky that I loved the most.. Hope you enjoyed it as I enjoy it.

Thanks for reading!
Stay strong and look forward for your new year 2014.

Estelle Paya

Christmas Mode

 How are you? Doing good? Hopefully, yes!
I am so busy to packing for Christmas holiday for this moment. This is the moment that I always waiting for. For single women like me, its very easy to packing your own things. Once you start got your own family and its time to think of others.hahhahaa
I just can't wait for Christmas.

Here is ton of my selfie. I really love my earrings. Its a very cheap earrings but I love it.Sometimes, we no need to buy the expensive things to make us look beautiful, sometimes the cheap things also look beautiful. 

 My Santa face earrings.. Christmas mode is ON. Not yet officially..hahha..Wait for few days.huahuahua

Not to forget the art of nails. Christmas color already "IN" for me. How about yours?

I don't know what the purpose for doing this. But, I am having fun..

 Hahahhaaa... Sleeppyy!

Yeah! I got medium hair for 2013 Christmas..hehhee...