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Bandung,Indonesia (Day 1) : Pasar Baru Trade Centre


I love the feeling when I wake up on other side of my world. I love the brand new air and new faces of people. I wake up early today since we need to go "hunting" for beautiful things today. That's the main reason we come here, we come to SHOPPING for our needed. Before that, one basic tips, make sure your watch time  is same as local time . FYI, Indonesia time just late 1 hour from Malaysia time,so no worries if your watch is Malaysia time, just minus 1 hour.

Bandung, Indonesia : Touchdown Day

Hello my dear friends!
Sorry for my late post regarding traveling again. My bad!
This is late post about my shopping trip at Bandung on April 2013.
Hopefully this experience will guide you or help you a bit when you go for shopping trip at Bandung, Indonesia.Actually, I'm not planning to visit Indonesia so soon but my sister really want to go there again since she went there last time. Without any proper plan I just booking the ticket for us and her friends.The night before we went to Bandung, I search a bit about Bandung, guess what I read?"Bandung is shopping paradise or Paris Van Java"..I'm kind of really?After waiting for two month, finally the day has come..

I directly go to airport from my office ( Thanks to my great colleagues because fetch us to airport..).


West Malaysia | Malacca Short Trip

Previously, I already mention about how I love Malacca so much.
For this time, we just went to Malacca for the food hunter after my colleague wedding.
The first thing that we tried is Coconut Shake..Nyum!