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Bandung, Indonesia : Touchdown Day

25 April 2013

Hello my dear friends!
Sorry for my late post regarding traveling again. My bad!
This is late post about my shopping trip at Bandung on April 2013.
Hopefully this experience will guide you or help you a bit when you go for shopping trip at Bandung, Indonesia.Actually, I'm not planning to visit Indonesia so soon but my sister really want to go there again since she went there last time. Without any proper plan I just booking the ticket for us and her friends.The night before we went to Bandung, I search a bit about Bandung, guess what I read?"Bandung is shopping paradise or Paris Van Java"..I'm kind of really?After waiting for two month, finally the day has come..

I directly go to airport from my office ( Thanks to my great colleagues because fetch us to airport..).

Tips#1 : Do web check in so your progress at airport will be faster

Tips#2 : Please do the document check!

Here is our excited faces.

Upon arrival at Bandung Airport (Bandar Udara Internasional Husein Sastranegara),its already midnight and  I'm surprised because there someone holding my name..hahha,.
The hotel driver still waiting for us. That the first time I saw someone holding my name in the air..hahha but too bad I forget to take picture! I am so excited!
Without waiting any longer here, the hotel driver directly bring  us to hotel van and go to our hotel.
During  this trip, we stayed at Cihampelas Hotel 1 ( actually got there three  Cihampelas Hotel which is Cihampelas 1,2 and 3) but I just randomly book, so we got the Cihampelas 1.

From my opinion, its better to book Cihampelas Hotel 2 since it near to Cihampelas walk.( You will know what the best in this street later..)
What really good about this hotel is they give free transportation.We no need to worry who will fetch you to hotel even when you arrived during midnight.Don't worry!
When we arrive at Cihampelas Hotel,the staff really slow( maybe they sleepy I guess) and too bad their photoscopy machine is broken so I need to leave my passport there overnight..

Tips#3 : Please make photocopy of your passport whenever you traveling ( This is basic knowledge I guess,maybe just me don't know) in case of anything. You never know!

We are too tired so we just directly go to sleep...ZZzzz.

Good night from Bandung, Indonesia.


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