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Inspirational Messages

In this life, we always need motivation to keep going.
Without motivation or inspiration, you going to stop your way and give up that easily!
I am no expert on motivated people but I love to say positive things to myself and sometime to others.
At the same time, i love photography and inspirational quotes as well.
So, when these two combine, it will create amazing things.
Just like below picture, enjoy!

Image By http://sobadsogood.com/

Image By http://sobadsogood.com/

Image By http://sobadsogood.com/

Image By http://sobadsogood.com/

Image By http://sobadsogood.com/

Image By http://sobadsogood.com/

Hopefully, this kind of inspirational and beautiful photography will boost up your motivation to live and be strong everyday.

Thanks for reading...

Estelle Paya

Credit Photo : sobadsogood.com

Mumbling Monday

Happy Monday!

Monday always a very tough day for me.
 I know I shouldn't say like this ( need to think positive) but this is reality.
 I always want Monday just disappear very fast or never exist but God already create it so I cannot do anything about it.
Today, I just feel not right, bad mood all day long because people keep messed up with me in early morning.
I really hate this...Don't mess with me in early morning.. I will in bad mood for the whole day!
One thing that burn up all these bad mood is I feel don't right with myself. I really hate myself because of my bad attitude. I know, nobody is perfect but I really hate myself for being me. I hate myself start from my appearance, my styles, my face, my behavior toward money, peoples and above all of that, I never feel any happiness at all.
I don't want blame other people because of this. This is just me.
How to find truly happiness actually?
If I search on Google, there will be a lot of suggestions but I'm sure that won't make me find the happiness, I can be happy but in short time.
Maybe, I don't have much people around me lately.
Honestly, I am lonely and nobody take care of me. Everyone is move away from me because I don't have everything.
I know, you probably said I got my siblings to share all these kind of sadness. Yes, I got sibling but I feel its not right to share all my sadness and painful moment with them, I feel bad to do that. Sometime I told my sister what I am feel but it still cannot make me feel relief, I don't know how can make myself feel satisfy, truly stronger and relieved.
I am kind of desperate right?
I am so desperate to find the true happiness..
I still have my God that can take care of me..Yes! God is always there.
But, honestly, I sometime cannot feel that GOD there for me, I am losing my faith in Him, my bad..I'm sorry, my mistake.
I don't trust anybody for making me happy because someday, they will leave me and I will be alone again, feel bad about myself everyday for my lose.
I promise myself to not love to people too much, its bad but I don't feel sad for the separation.
 We meet people for a reason and one day, they will getting away from our life.
There no people love you so much except you and your family.. Trust me, young girl!
First love always feel greatest but when its end, you will feel like world going to end..( for the first 4 month maybe).
Okay, honestly and frankly said I have a very bad relationship. I cannot blame anybody even though its look like I'm the one that can be blamed but I love myself so I wont blame myself no matter what.

Take it easy la, girl ( Thanks for this word to me..hehehe)

Thanks for reading..

Estelle Paya


Try be strong

I promise to stop crying over what I lose and what happened.
I promise to be strong for my own sake and my family..
I will smile because it's make me learn and be mature with this life.
And above all, thanks GOD for always be there during my hardest time. I cannot see you but I feel your comfort and supports. I really cannot make it without you!
Trying my best now!

Estelle Paya

West Malaysia : KLCC + Kenanga Wholesale City

Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.
No matter how many friend you can make in your life, never forget you old friend once you find a new friends.
A new friends is always refreshing and old friends always comfortable.
I make a lot of friends in my life and I always treasure my moment with them because one day, I know I will be definitely separate with them for our own life.

{ Wedding Ideas } : Flower Crown ( Part 2)

Okay guys, as you may know, previously I share about my current hobbies.
Read about it here.
And here the part 2, there no special event for this time but just for fun.
So, enjoy...

I know, you'll feel annoying with my self picture after this..haha
I need photographer right? But, I cannot afford one..so I will be my photographer..

Right View


That all for this part 2..
I love selca..that all..


Estelle Paya


My dream wedding

Happy Thursday everyone~
Today I'm gonna talk about my dream wedding.Every girl has their own dream wedding right? So do I. hahaa. But, it's not mean I'm want get marry now but eventually I will get married.So, let's see what my dream wedding!First of all, I want there my man ( this for sure) and he loves the ideas too. Hopefully, there perfect guy appear now..hahhaha ( just kidding).
 Let's check it out my dream wedding.

{Fashion Tips} : Tips for graduation day outfit

Its a convocation season.
I always excited whenever think of convocation, I already experience it before so I know the feeling.
Convocation is one ceremony/event to celebrate your great effort for almost 3 or 4 years at university or college and the next chapter of life is about to begin!
So, since this is one of important day in your life, so make effort to look good as possible!
The main reason is you'll meet your friend's parents or your boyfriend's family and many people.
I will share the tips based on my own experience 2 years ago ( hahaha...very outdated already!).

Tips :

1. Find the comfortable and polite dresses but depends on your university rules too.
 Don't forget the rules ya! Don't wear dress that look very fancy and tight also too short.
For mine, I choose one navy blue dress and lace details jacket ( I still keep them).

2. Shoes!
This is super important. My experience last time regarding shoes is I bought new shoes for my graduation on last minute and sadly, one of the pair is too big for my feet. So, lesson here is don't buy shoes last minutes and find the most comfortables shoes since you going to wear it for the whole day! Recommended shoes is cute wedges..Secret of behind my shoes below is I put some tissues inside my shoes..hahaha

3. Earrings or jewelry
 I guess this is the only jewelry that you can wear during your graduation. Tips # since your outfit is minimalist, try to find earring that can pop up your look is better but don't over do it! I bought this one for my graduation day. My mum said " its too big",..haha

4. Your make up
I am no make up expert but what can I say is try to wear minimalist make up yet fresh beauty look. I feel so regret now whenever I saw my graduation photos because that time, I didn't wear any make up, just very light foundation, eyeliner and lip balm..very simple! I should wear something that make me look fresh and show my natural beauty.. :) and make sure your make up is not melting due to outdoor weather so try make up that sweat-proof make up. Here is my natural beauty..haha

5. Last but no least, your smile is the best accessories you can bring!
Smile brightly and sincere. Its your happy day so smile..

So, that all my tips. And I wanna share my graduation photo with you guys..tadaaaa....

Hopefully, all these tips help you for your graduation day preparations!
Have a nice day and congratulations again!

Estelle P

Raining Day

I love raining day so much..especially raining day on Sunday!
I just simple love the feeling.. :)

BSB + 2NE1 Concert { First ever concert experience}

On March 2013, I went to my favorite band concert.In my life, I never went to any concert. But, this time when I heard my favorite band will come to Malaysia for Twin Towers alive, at first I feel very excited to go but when my second thought, it's dangerous to go for this kind of event. But, luckily my housemates insist to go, so go along with them.
Maybe you curious when I said my favorite band right?
My favorite band is BSB and 2NE1. I like them so much and i love their songs and not to forget their appearances.
I love BSB for so long time and I'm listening to their songs since my primary school because of my sisters but sometime, I love Westlife more than BSB and my first english words is MY LOVE by Westlife.Funny right?
 And for 2NE1, they're KPOP girl group. I love them since their debutted, I liked most of their songs and one of my favourite is I don't care!
So, here is my picture during the concert.
I know, it very late post but I'm happy to share the awesome things in my life.
I feel like wanna go to concert next time..

The result of hot environment, here we present our face..haha


#keriitletokitchen: Spaghetti Carbonara simple recipe

Happy Friday people!
Time to party!!  ahhahaha.. Look like I'm going to party but I'm not. I just like to say this word whenever its Friday.
So, today.. I'm not go for work. I'm very tired lately, so I just want to rest.
When I said I want rest, that mean I won't go out from my room and I will stay all day long at my room, hibernating....
But, too bad, my stomach will ask me to feed her, so what I always do instead of eating fast food or instant food ( sorry..this is bad habit) is cook my favorite food.
My current favorite food is Spaghetti Carbonara..Nyum!
So, first let see the ingredients. Its easy and simple and everyone can do it!

Ingredients for 3 servings :
1. Spaghetti Pasta ( any, depends on you)
2. Spaghetti sauce ( I prefer Prego Spaghetti sauce)
3. Big onions, chopped
4. Paprika, chopped ( Options)
5. Sausages,chopped
6. Cooking oils (  Depends on you but don't put too much!)

1. In a pot of boiled water, cook your spaghetti pasta until have been cooked so as to be firm but not hard. Drain well and set aside.
2. Meanwhile, cooked the chopped big onions, paprika and  sausages for one more minutes.
3. Add the cooked spaghetti pasta on step 2.
4. Mix it very well..

Step 2

Step 3 & 4

5. Serve immediately...

Enjoy the homemade spaghetti carbonara..nyum!!

Happy Trying!

Estelle Paya

{ Wish List} : 30 things MUST do before you turn 30

Happy Sunday everybody!
Hope you had a great day today.
I went to buy my favorite magazines today. I feel like this magazine is my big unnie ( big sisters). From this magazine, I know what is important and useful information for my life, I learned a lot about girls life on this magazine. I remember, I always said " from my magazine said like this..bla bla.., I trusted the information from magazine so much..haha, this is bad or good? How about you? What your favorite magazine?
This month issue come up with very interesting issue and I feel like a "wake up" call for me .What I mean is 30-30, meaning what 30 things that you wanted to do before you 30.
This year, I'm 25 years old , so I still got 5 years to go for the 30 and still have time to do all the things that I always wanted to do. After reading their interesting article and some of my research. I come up with my own "To do list before 30".
I'm feel very excited to share all my 30 things, want to know what is my 30 things look like.

West Malaysia : Another Malacca Trip

Hello my dear friends!
I realized that, I always post about my previous travel experience.
I'm sorry. The reason is I want to keep that memory on my blog and I would like to come to my here to see the great memories that I ever made again and again.
So, this time, I just have a short trip to Malacca, Malaysia with my housemates.
For me, Malacca has a lot of attraction starting from the art of building, food and many.
I love Malacca because of the historical look city.

[Travel Tips] : 5 must bring items on travel

Hello there!
This is my very late post regarding my travel experience to Hong Kong on June 2012 (sorry..)Now, its 2013 so maybe, this just to celebrate after one year I guess.But, it's okay,there never too late to share the experience right?Last year, 19 June 2012 is one of my greatest day in my life. I had opportunity to travel to another country for first time. First time ever..I felt so excited and looking forward for this trip. Thanks to my university friends for make this dream come true. The place that I really want to go is HongKong Disney Land. I’m not kid anymore but I’m still excited to go there.The night before the trip, I felt so confused about what to pack.I felt I want to bring every thing on my luggage but that will be become issue at airport and it going to be heavy. So, here I want to share my packing experience for this trip and 5 things you must bring to any of your trip. I hope this will be help you on your next trip.