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BSB + 2NE1 Concert { First ever concert experience}

19 September 2013

On March 2013, I went to my favorite band concert.In my life, I never went to any concert. But, this time when I heard my favorite band will come to Malaysia for Twin Towers alive, at first I feel very excited to go but when my second thought, it's dangerous to go for this kind of event. But, luckily my housemates insist to go, so go along with them.
Maybe you curious when I said my favorite band right?
My favorite band is BSB and 2NE1. I like them so much and i love their songs and not to forget their appearances.
I love BSB for so long time and I'm listening to their songs since my primary school because of my sisters but sometime, I love Westlife more than BSB and my first english words is MY LOVE by Westlife.Funny right?
 And for 2NE1, they're KPOP girl group. I love them since their debutted, I liked most of their songs and one of my favourite is I don't care!
So, here is my picture during the concert.
I know, it very late post but I'm happy to share the awesome things in my life.
I feel like wanna go to concert next time..

The result of hot environment, here we present our face..haha


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