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{Fashion Tips} : Tips for graduation day outfit

19 September 2013

Its a convocation season.
I always excited whenever think of convocation, I already experience it before so I know the feeling.
Convocation is one ceremony/event to celebrate your great effort for almost 3 or 4 years at university or college and the next chapter of life is about to begin!
So, since this is one of important day in your life, so make effort to look good as possible!
The main reason is you'll meet your friend's parents or your boyfriend's family and many people.
I will share the tips based on my own experience 2 years ago ( hahaha...very outdated already!).

Tips :

1. Find the comfortable and polite dresses but depends on your university rules too.
 Don't forget the rules ya! Don't wear dress that look very fancy and tight also too short.
For mine, I choose one navy blue dress and lace details jacket ( I still keep them).

2. Shoes!
This is super important. My experience last time regarding shoes is I bought new shoes for my graduation on last minute and sadly, one of the pair is too big for my feet. So, lesson here is don't buy shoes last minutes and find the most comfortables shoes since you going to wear it for the whole day! Recommended shoes is cute wedges..Secret of behind my shoes below is I put some tissues inside my shoes..hahaha

3. Earrings or jewelry
 I guess this is the only jewelry that you can wear during your graduation. Tips # since your outfit is minimalist, try to find earring that can pop up your look is better but don't over do it! I bought this one for my graduation day. My mum said " its too big",..haha

4. Your make up
I am no make up expert but what can I say is try to wear minimalist make up yet fresh beauty look. I feel so regret now whenever I saw my graduation photos because that time, I didn't wear any make up, just very light foundation, eyeliner and lip balm..very simple! I should wear something that make me look fresh and show my natural beauty.. :) and make sure your make up is not melting due to outdoor weather so try make up that sweat-proof make up. Here is my natural beauty..haha

5. Last but no least, your smile is the best accessories you can bring!
Smile brightly and sincere. Its your happy day so smile..

So, that all my tips. And I wanna share my graduation photo with you guys..tadaaaa....

Hopefully, all these tips help you for your graduation day preparations!
Have a nice day and congratulations again!

Estelle P

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