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[Travel Tips] : 5 must bring items on travel

18 September 2013

Hello there!
This is my very late post regarding my travel experience to Hong Kong on June 2012 (sorry..)Now, its 2013 so maybe, this just to celebrate after one year I guess.But, it's okay,there never too late to share the experience right?Last year, 19 June 2012 is one of my greatest day in my life. I had opportunity to travel to another country for first time. First time ever..I felt so excited and looking forward for this trip. Thanks to my university friends for make this dream come true. The place that I really want to go is HongKong Disney Land. I’m not kid anymore but I’m still excited to go there.The night before the trip, I felt so confused about what to pack.I felt I want to bring every thing on my luggage but that will be become issue at airport and it going to be heavy. So, here I want to share my packing experience for this trip and 5 things you must bring to any of your trip. I hope this will be help you on your next trip.

The five things are :

1. Money – This is MUST (obviously. )
Tips : Make sure change the money before you go to any country but watch out for the currency before you change it. Some of the money changer is different.

2. Electronic gadgets – You wanted to capture all the moment right ? So, don’t forget your camera, Smartphone and the important one is extra battery or battery bank, without battery you cannot do anything.Also, don't forget the extra memory card.

3. Travel attire – This one is really hard to pack. We feel like wanted to bring all our things whenever we go for trip right? So, what to bring? Bring more t-shirts, skirts, jeans, cap, sport shoes, flat, many panties and etc. Make sure you do some research regarding how people dressing at the country you visit and bring clothes that a bit similar with their fashion.

4. Passport /visa – Don’t forget to do photocopy of all your document , and put on your luggage ,just in case! Need to remember, please remember your country embassy phone number, it will be useful for you.

5. Your personal items - toothbrush, towel and etc. 

Tips for packing your things:

- Roll your clothes instead of folding them.It will save the space of course!
- Put the things that you use regularly on the top.

So, for the next post, I will share my exciting trip to HongKong last year.
Hopefully, the tips above will help you on your trip!
If you have brilliant ideas how to pack for trip, please share it!

Estelle Paya

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