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My dream wedding

19 September 2013

Happy Thursday everyone~
Today I'm gonna talk about my dream wedding.Every girl has their own dream wedding right? So do I. hahaa. But, it's not mean I'm want get marry now but eventually I will get married.So, let's see what my dream wedding!First of all, I want there my man ( this for sure) and he loves the ideas too. Hopefully, there perfect guy appear now..hahhaha ( just kidding).
 Let's check it out my dream wedding.

1) Places 
Beach or small church at my hometown

I want getting married at beach with  blue sky and end it with sunset! As you may realized, I love skies and beach so much. Second option is small church at my hometown. I love to get married there because my father the one that contribute to build the church for the community, so I wanted to have a good memories there. There palm oil trees around there too, its perfect for my backdrop, and I can invite the palm oil workers to eat the great food too.

Image from Google Images

2) Decorations
All white

I want everything in white.If I need other color, maybe I will go for pastel color.  I love white color for important event, especially wedding. It will look so lovely and beautiful! Nice on the picture too.

Image from Google Images

3) Bride look
Flower crown & simple dress

I love make flower crown on my own so I definitely make the greatest on my wedding day and wear it with simple dress with long veils. Something like what Hyori Unnie wore during her wedding day. All I want is simple and clean.

4) Groom look
Nothing fancy, just be himself

 I love guy in short hair especially in wedding day, they look so ready and smart whenever they in short hair. Wearing tuxedo that he likes and just be himself.
So, what your dream wedding ladies?
Share it!

Thanks for reading.

p/s; This post is updated on Aug 2015.
This post was published on 2013 and now I revisit the post, its make me feel like "wow, the younger me have a great imagination of her wedding day. Now, I'm 27 years old and I still love being on my own and no plan for wedding ceremony very soon..hahha, but become wedding planner is definitely must do for me".



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