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West Malaysia : KLCC + Kenanga Wholesale City

21 September 2013

Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.
No matter how many friend you can make in your life, never forget you old friend once you find a new friends.
A new friends is always refreshing and old friends always comfortable.
I make a lot of friends in my life and I always treasure my moment with them because one day, I know I will be definitely separate with them for our own life.

You'll make promises with your very good friends to be stay together forever and always be there for them.Yes, you always can do that but in reality, you'll hardly to find time for that.
Why I suddenly talk about old friend?I missed my old friends the most and I don't know when its the last time we talk about ourselves and laugh and talk all night long, talking about random things..Last July, one of my old friend come visit me at KL and I'm very happy for her visit. But, so sad I didn't bring her to many place since I also not sure to go where actually. But, I tried my best!I managed to bring her shopping and visit some memorable places here. Even though we visit only few places, but I'm really happy for make some time with her.

Here is our excited face. I usually went shopping alone ( if my other friends is busy so I will go alone..scary and I never do that anymore.)

This is one of Malaysia Tourist attraction so I think its good ideas to bring my friend here. Hope she can enjoy this trip so much...I'm such a boring girl already and I think my socialize skill is too bad already. I always prefer alone..ahhh..scary..I need friend everywhere I go.

Our day is not complete without any selca. This is kind of must do..hahaha

Another habit is take picture of our shoes. My friend's shoes is new so deserve to be photographed but my shoes is old and deserve to be photographed too...hahaa

Selca craziness in progress...

Suddenly there is my sunnies..hahaha, that my prop..haha

I love this pose! Actually, this pose is inspired from one of famous picture on instagram, I forget the account name. And I always wanted to do this pose with my travel or going out friends or partner and here it is, thanks my friend for become supportive...hehe

Finally, here is me with my control faces..hahaha. I'm usually never pose ( I think..hehe) like this but as I growing old, I love this kind of pose..hahhaa. Life is really scary right?
You can change in time and it's take time. Don't you worry about your bad habit now, one day it will change. Trust me! 

Thanks for reading,

Estelle Paya.

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