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West Malaysia : Another Malacca Trip

19 September 2013

Hello my dear friends!
I realized that, I always post about my previous travel experience.
I'm sorry. The reason is I want to keep that memory on my blog and I would like to come to my here to see the great memories that I ever made again and again.
So, this time, I just have a short trip to Malacca, Malaysia with my housemates.
For me, Malacca has a lot of attraction starting from the art of building, food and many.
I love Malacca because of the historical look city.

In my life, I went to Malacca three times only. This 2012 is my second time went to this beautiful city. Let's come explore some part of Malacca with me..
The things that I love about Malacca is the scenery of the city. I think it's great for photoshoot.
Another thing I love is about the food and also Jonker street..

For lunch time, I always wanted eat tom yam..

That's all for the great day with my housemate and also a very good unnie. :)


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