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{ Wish List} : 30 things MUST do before you turn 30

19 September 2013

Happy Sunday everybody!
Hope you had a great day today.
I went to buy my favorite magazines today. I feel like this magazine is my big unnie ( big sisters). From this magazine, I know what is important and useful information for my life, I learned a lot about girls life on this magazine. I remember, I always said " from my magazine said like this..bla bla.., I trusted the information from magazine so much..haha, this is bad or good? How about you? What your favorite magazine?
This month issue come up with very interesting issue and I feel like a "wake up" call for me .What I mean is 30-30, meaning what 30 things that you wanted to do before you 30.
This year, I'm 25 years old , so I still got 5 years to go for the 30 and still have time to do all the things that I always wanted to do. After reading their interesting article and some of my research. I come up with my own "To do list before 30".
I'm feel very excited to share all my 30 things, want to know what is my 30 things look like.

Updated on Sept'15.
How the time flies, I am on my 27 this year and I write this on my 25. Oh my.. time really flies~~
Without further due, let's update this wish list. 
Blue - Still working on it.
Red - Complete it
Grey - Cancel or out date wish..haha

So, here it is, my 30 things list :

1.   Speak in new language 
- My first aim language to learn is Mandarin and Japanese.
Update on  13 Oct 2013 :  In progress..
Update on 15/11/2013 : My progress very slow..
Updated on 8/5/2014 : I am stopped..urghh! I need to continue back..
Updated on Sept'15 : I will focus on Mandarin language.

2.  Go to another country or live at another country
- I want live at Japan at least 1 year..haha
Updated on 8/5/2014 : I think I need to skipped to plan this for awhile because my parent is not very well.
Updated on Sept'15 : I don't think I can live in another country this time but still work on it.

3. Confront a fear 
- I need to ride the roller coaster, and all these kind of things.
Updated on 8/5/2014 : I ride the roller coaster at Sunway Lagoon on January 2014 ( its crazy!!)

4.  Donate blood -
I'm very scared of this. Hopefully, I can do it.
Updated on 8/5/2014 : I saw the ads regarding the blood donation but I am very scared!! huhu...still not fulfill yet!

5. Learn to cook and perfect at least five different dishes. 
- 5 dishes??? hmm..
Update on 13 Oct 2013 :
i. Fish sweet sour
ii. Chicken curry
iii. Spaghetti carbonara..ahha
Updated on 8/5/2014 : No cooking so far this time...huhu
Updated on 30/8/2014 : I learned to cook Ketam masak telur masin + Udang goreng butter. So, its 5 already!!!

6.   Get yourself myself well fitting jeans. 
- Levi's baby?? ehee
Updated on 8/5/2014 : money baby!
Updated on 30/8/2014 : I need to save money for this and before that, need to survey which one I wanted first..hehe.

7. Own a decent piece of furniture that wasn't handed down to you by a friend or relative. 
- I had something on my mind already! muahhahaa...IKEA, wait for me!
Update on 13 Oct 2013 :
I already own one manly chair from IKEA..hahha
Updated on 8/5/2014 : I own my inexpensive book shelf( small one from Tesco)
Updated on 30/8/2014 : I don't think I can collect any furniture no more because I am still living "nomad"..haha

8. Go on holiday with siblings.
- I wanted to go holiday with my siblings at Korea.
Updated on 8/5/2014 : No plan and no budget yet! :( beside my parent is not very well, they are priority now.
Updated on 30/8/2014 : Korea still the aim destination but money, please come to mama!!!!
Updated on Sept'15: I went on holiday with one of my siblings at KL.

9.  Have a photo album filled with actual photographs from your life. 
- My pleasure! :)
Updated on 8/5/2014 : I already bought album and its already filled with some photos.yay!
Updated on 30/8/2014 : I am still working on it now, its look full already, I will show to you once it full and complete!
Updated on Sept'15 : Seems easy but I never print any photo this year. I need to start print before I go back home this December.

10. Take a yoga class at least 3 month
10. Exercise at home at least 3 month
 - Gym! Gym!
Updated on 8/5/2014 : I try to contact any gym but I am too scared because I don't know whether I can handle it..haha
Updated on 30/8/2014 : Argghh.. this one is the hardest! Yoga! I love Yoga but its crack all my bones! Still working on it.
Updated on Sept'15 : Due to my tight budget, I wanna change this to exercise at home at least 3 months.

11. Travel to Paris/Europe for 1 month or more than 1 month..
- My MOST favorite city in my life.
Updated on 8/5/2014 : I just can see beautiful Paris on others Vlog and blog. :(
Updated on 30/8/2014 : God, please make my dream come true! I really need this!
Updated on Sept'15 : Already went to one of city in Europe.

12. Work on my dream job( I got dreams)
 I wanted to be successful blogger that inspired many people, Fashion designer and owner of Wedding Planner Co.
- Wedding Photographer
- Wedding Planner

13. Volunteer or join the church missionary trip. 
- Volunteer start at home, so I will start with my family.
I try my best to support my family as much as I can because they mean world for me.

14. Visit all my favorite cities in this world. 
 My favorite cities? Seoul, Jeju, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Hawaii so far, only this. :)
Hong Kong?
Oh God, I need all this!! Please make my dream come true!
Updated on Sept'15 : I will go to one of my favorite city this month..wait and see.

15. Take a road trip
 - Go beach!
Updated on 8/5/2014 : Not yet! My friends please accompany me... :(
Updated on 30/8/2014 : I went to Port Dickson with my friends!! Yahoo...

16. Travel solo
- Where? Not decide yet! So far, all the country I visited is because of my business trip, can I considered this as travel solo?haha..
Update on 13 Oct 2013 :
Update on 15/11/2013 :
15~ 19/10/2013 : Sydney,Australia
19~ 24/10/2013 : Auckland, New Zealand
8 ~ 11/2013 : Hanoi, Vietna,
11~ 13/11/2013 : Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Feb'15 : Bangkok,Thailand
July'15 : London,United Kingdom
I don't want to travel alone again.

17. Fall in love
- I already fall in love so this is DONE! muahahahhaa.
" No need to fall in love with anybody else in this world if you not fall in love with yourself first"

18. Buy my first home. 
- Where? How?
This always in my mind, I got just 5 years now..time become shorter..gambateh ya!

19. Learn about my family genealogy. 
- Need to ask my dad or mum.
I asked my dad about their marriage story and I write about it on my diary and I really love to see smile on my dad face when he told me the story. I want to see that smile all of my life.

20. Take a "How to" class 
- I wanted to know how to sewing!
Update on 13 Oct 2013 :
In progress
Updated on 8/5/2014 : Currently learning Photography..
Updated on 30/8/2014 : Photography in progress.. I need new lenses..haha

21. Write a book 
- I wanted write book about "Self help", easy but crazy.
Updated on 8/5/2014 : Crazy me!hahahaa
Crazy dream!

22. Meet someone new 
- Meet new friends or someone.
" Never wish for anybody when you not someone wishes"

23. Live healthier
- Eat healthier, exercise regularly.
Simple but so hard!hahhaa

24. Buy an expensive great handbag or pair of heels
- This for sure! muahahhahahaa...
I make correction, I want to buy great handbag and pair of heels,  that I can wear for a long time and if can, pass it to my future daughters and I will always look stylish on it. 

25. See my favorite band ( live)
- BSB or CNBlue or Big Bang??
Big Bang!!!

26. Make a family tradition 
- Any ideas?
Take family photo every Christmas and frame it!

27. Forgive someone 
- I already forgive anyone from my past so this is DONE!

28. Throw a house party - 
Can't wait for this! I already make the list of guests.

29. Learn how to  do "DIY" craft. -
 I already DONE this many time but need to level up!
Level up baby!

30.Eat exotic food. 
- I eat exotic food since I'm small. I'm Kenyah girl, for sure!
Exotic food that I ever ate is " Ular goreng pedas", the taste just like chicken!

Hahahha.. I feel like I wanted laugh so hard everytime I read all these, sound silly and funny for me but I love that!
So, how about your??
I know, your is more awesome than mine right? So, come share it!

Thanks for visit my blog!

Estelle Paya

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