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Australia ( Arrival Day) : Sydney

15 October 2013

Hi my dear friends,
As I shared before, I went to Sydney,Australia for business trip, its kind exciting even though its business trip but still I am so excited. I know, I went there to do my work but at least I breath of another air in this world.hahha.
 Now, I wanna share my first experience during and when I landed to Australia.
If you took flight from KL to Sydney,  its took 8 hours, my first long flight.Its kind tiring and uncomfortable but still I am so excited plus nervous. Before you took any long flight, make your mental and physical ready for this long flight. But, no worries,you'll be feel very comfortable and entertained during your flight because there will be entertainment for you inflight.
The first thing that I saw before I landed to Sydney is the beautiful and beautiful sunset. I never saw this kind of beautiful sunset in my life so far. This is the most beautiful one!
And I really hope to see more than this next time.
U denga !
Ake' lepa bada' kena re, ake' tai ke Australia oban kerja ek. Ake' kelu bada kumin sik ka ia te ngan medan ake abik ka Australia te.
Oka ekem alak kapen cung KLIA tai Sydney ( Kaduk tanak ka Australia te, ake lopau bada ke engke tanak ake tai, ake tai ka Sydney), masa alak tai kat te jan ne aya jam, majan alek ja. Oka ikem un bein tai ca liwai o, sedia ne teka osa ngan penawai em, majan alek kapen ja, metut pen. Un tepo, ayen tosa.. un lote kapen sediakan alat-alat pesalau ilu dalau ilu dalem kapen.
Je ading ake taan kena ek mempep ka Australia jan ne, ake taan langit ti taup je atek manai ngan ake nta lepe  taan meki manai langit ti taup dalem udip ek keji. Ji atek manai alek! Ngan ake nebelum ke taan kaduk manai manai lepa ji o.

After a very long flight, I managed to find first new friend inflight. She is very beautiful and tall. I feel very small..hahhaa. So, here my new friend from Sydney..Miss Peggy.
Lepa majan dalem kapen , ake' taan toyang mading ka dalem kapen. Ja leto' cung Sydney, atek tega poyan ngan daduk alek. Eut alek teka ek oka pata ngan ya..hahaha. Ji sik toyang mading ek cung Sydney.. Miss Peggy.

Upon my arrival at Australia, I need go to Immigration as usual.The airport look great but I cannot describe how great it is because it's already night and I cannot go around some more.
After Immigration gate, I need go to Custom gate. This is a bit troublesome because I bring hand carry TV set with me so I need to explained to the officer why I bring this and how much the price, why the price is so expansive and so on. I am a bit nervous when explain to them because my English is not good as their English..haha. I just say what I wanna said.
After Custom gate, I need to find taxi to go to my hotel. It's very easy to find taxi here, so no worries.
Then, just tell the taxi driver to go to your hotel. But, make sure if you wanna save money, if the taxi driver offer to use Harbor bridge, just say no. Why? Because I think when we used that route, its kind expensive compare to my friends.
So, that all for my arrival experiences.. not much but still I wanna share it! hahaha
If you have any doubt or question about Australian Custom, please click link below :

Read it and understand it before you travel to Australia ya!

Next is exciting part! How my hotel look like and impression about the hotel.
Lepa ek abek ka Australia, ake tai ka Immigration. Manai alek keta airport du kine un tepo nta pe ake alak gambar oban nga u lepa ngan ake' pe nta senteng tai ka engke-engke lepa.
Lepa Immigration, ake tai ka Custom, ji peresa galen-galen de ilu engkin di. Ki kaduk penosa keriut oban ake engkin TV ngan ek ngan ake' kena bada oban u ake engkin TV ngan kodak lega e, oban u lega maan alek, ake kena bada me "officer" ka, daram pe teka osa ek oban nta pe isu orang putih ek uku baan anun eda, tekolen teka ke pisu.
Lepa Custom gate, ake alak "taxi" tai ka "hotel". Atek senang alek alak taxi ka airport ki, ayen tosa.
Lepa ja, ake bada tuak me dereba taxi ja ka engke hotel. Un tepo, naat lote janan je ya gona, oka driver ja bada kelu baya janan lawat Harbour, bada nta kelu baya' janan ja, baya janan de ca. Maan alek bayan taxi oka baya janan ja, ake rasa $90++.
Ja ne sik asat ek, nta lote kaduk, nta ja u..hahaha
Oka un u u kelu tisen pasal Australia Custom, teka pe tai ka link kentak ne :

Tega pe baca ngan tisen dau mana re kena ikem tai ka Austrlia te ka!

Lepa ji atek-atek tega! Ake' kelu bada kumin sik hotel ka ta ek ngelinik tidai re..

See you again,
Estelle Paya
(15 Oct 2013)

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