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Australia ( Day 1) : Stamford Grand Hotel

Hi there!
This time, I wanna talk about hotel that I am staying in for this business trip at Sydney, Australia.
The hotel name is Stamford Grand Hotel. For more info about this hotel, just go to their website here
So, what I wanna share is my experience during my stay at this hotel.
Actually, this hotel very huge and there some swimming pool but I don't have time to go there.
Let's started with room key..hahaa..Here is my room key. My room is very far from lobby and look a bit scary..just kidding!

What the best thing on this hotel is they provide the mini bar for me. hahaha. I can make coffee or any but too bad, I don't have time for that for sure. Just see and touch only..haha

The most exciting part is the bath tub.wow! I want jump in there and relax! Hahaha.. I manage to use this bath tub on my last day here..

Next is the sexiest bath room ever in my life. Don't imagine anything..hahhaa. Just sexy!

 Err,,no description about this sink tub. It's just ordinary sink tub..

This one also need to take picture? ahhaha..yeah! I am so "jakun" so that why! Hhahaha

And here is my bed for this 4 nights! Ermm..still remember the feeling..it's feel soooo great and make me feel wanna sleep all day long but what to do, we gotta work!!! Work work!

They even have chairs but I never used it. I use it to block my door..just in case! hahahha

Here is my little things that come with me. Thanks guys for having me!

Here what on my luggage! I pack it like a sandwich..ahahaa

There very long to go to my room...sometime I feel scare when come here...hahaa

 The lonely chair that represent me right now.

From my impression, this hotel just great and comfortable! The services also not bad. And I forgot to tell you, there no Wifi free on this hotel. You need to purchase it..too bad!
This hotel is very strategic place because you can go anywhere from this hotel, all you need to do is just walk for 10 minutes and you'll see the M acquire Shopping mall and M acquire Train Station.

Next is all about New South Wales, Sydney,Australia. Just wanna share what I saw and what I did..

Before I forget, lets overload with "jakuness" on this hotel.haha

See you again,
Estelle Paya
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