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Australia ( Day 2) : New South Wales,Sydney

18 October 2013

Good day everybody!
I am so sorry for my long post or so many post about #australiajourney. hahaa.
Just wanna share my experience and I am sorry for not explain so touristy things. I promise next time, I will be tourist at Australia and share it with you guys for sure.
This time, I wanna share what am I doing at NSW, Sydney. As you may know, it's all about my job. I am working for Sony so I need to do my job here. What am I doing for Sony, I will reveal it very soon, not now. For me, I don't wanna talk about job related here because this is platform for me to not thinking of my job..haha but it's not mean I don't love my job, I just wanna have some space for my own things.
I spent most of my day at work place so I am not able to go to any touristy place, for example Opera House. Too bad! Its okay, next time I will come back here.

 Here is the road that I used during my time here. Its not busy but it feel cold everyday..

Here is the Macquire Shopping Mall and Train station. For your information, the opening and closing time for  this mall is different every day..
Visit their website for more info ;
It's very easy to walk around here. I love the environment, people and every scenery that I saw. Just fall in love.

During my last day here, I take time to go around the mall and look around..and what I really love about this mall is they already do promotion for Christmas. Wow! Very early right?
This puppy so cute..hehee

Everywhere is chocolate and I want buy everything but I need to think before I buy it.haha

Then, I went to Target. I think Target is like Tesco at our country..but it's a lot of stuff and it's expensive for me..haha. I end up buying nothing.. :)

Here is my inspiration. I feel like wanna do the same stuff.. This totally inspired me..Reveal sooooooon..

During night, the road is look like this. It's scary to walk alone but don't worry, nobody will harm you.
And, good news! I manage to find my favorite here..Cha Time!! Hahahaa.. it's taste the same but it's not taste like a home..hahaha

Then, one of my colleague went here before so she recommend me to buy this cookies. I tried one and it delicious..can't wait to share it with them.. :)

Another lonely road picture...hurmmmm. I just amazed with the scenery even the simple one.!

And not to forgot, my favourite Oreo Mcflurry..nyum! I miss this a lot! The size is more bigger and the taste is the same..

Look at my happy face when I found Mcflurry..hahaha

Last but not least, i meet my "soulmate food" here. My double cheeseburger..waaa..nyum2..

Basically, that all for my journey here. Not much but I learn and I saw. I am sorry for not sharing how beautiful and great is Sydney,Australia. Next time, I will do better.

For next post, I will share my experience at Auckland, New Zealand. Another exciting chapter in my life so far.

See you again,
Estelle Paya

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