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Australia ( Departure Day) :KL ~ Sydney

15 October 2013

Hi there!
Sorry for my late post regarding my travel to Sydney,Australia middle of this October.
I am busy with my work..As some of you may know, this #australiajourney is not about vacation but it's business trip.But, whatever it is, I am happy to be out of country again.
I would like to share what should you do and what to do before you go to travel to overseas.
First, the must thing to do is check in yourself and your bag for sure. I think everybody know this.
Then, after that you'll get your plane tickets.

I think I should share by the flow how and what to do, I think it will be easier for you guys right?

Step 1 : Night before you go, please pack your things properly. Just in case you don't know what to pack, click here.

Step 2 : You must be in airport 3 hours before your flight time.

Step 3 : Check in yourself and your things. Then, you'll get your plane ticket.

Step 4 : If you travel from KLIA ( Malaysia airport), after check in you need to go to departure hall. Before that, you need to pass through Immigration and Custom, here they will check your passport and things that you'll bring.
 FYI, for international departure, you need to catch the train to go to another terminal. 
FYI, I will travel to Australia so make sure you never bring any food or drink from here to Australia because Australia Custom is very strict. If you bring something that you need for your business trip, make a letter for it to prove to them you are not bring dangerous things.

Step 5 : Go to international terminal and wait for your flight!

Basically, just that! Simple and easy when you research and prepare earlier. So, don't be a very last minute person.

Next, I will share my first experience when I landed at Australia..

Stay tuned..
Thanks for reading.

See you again,
Estelle Paya
(15 Oct 2013)

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