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Australia to New Zealand : Sydney ~ Auckland

Hi there!
Today is 19 October 2013. 19 October is always a special date to me and for this year, it's become more special because I traveled to Auckland, New Zealand. I feel excited and nervous at the same time because I never travel to another country from airport than KLIA. But, this time, I need to travel from Sydney Airport to Auckland, NZ airport. Sound exciting but I am very nervous actually because I don't know how it will be. But, thanks to God for always be there for me and I managed to check in and everything very well without any issues.

At Sydney Airport, I found RICEEE for the first time after eating salads, burger and sushi. Oh my God! For the first time ever, I feel so excited about rice and hungry! hahaha, I am truly Malaysian. I always missed rice whenever I went. It's funny but that's truly me.

During my flight from Sydney ~ Auckland, I just slept for 5 hours. God! I sleep without wake up or do anything, I just sleep and sleeppppp...
Upon my arrival at Auckland, NZ. I need to go through immigration and custom as usual. But, I am used to it already. One more time, I need to explain my luggage. It's tiring but it's okay. It's my job!
For the taxi to hotel, it's easy! No worries..

Next, hotel hotel...

See you again,
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