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New Zealand ( Arrival Day) : Rendezvous Grand Hotel

19 October 2013

As I promised last time, I will share the picture of the hotel that I am staying during my business trip to Auckland.
Before that, I want to share a very funny story when I come to this hotel. What happen was when the taxi driver asks me, we I'm going and I wrongly pronounced the Rendezvous Grand Hotel and when I saw the Rendezvous Grand hotel, I can't believe it! It's big hotel and I don't think I will stay here so I asked the taxi driver to wait for me outside the hotel and I went to confirm whether my name on the booking. And, yes there room under my name.haha, when I think back, its funny!So, here the hotel that I am staying. For more details, visit their website;
Here the one of the entrance of the hotel.
Let's explore my room...
My first impression on their hotel room is simply WOW! They had everything for me. They even have a sofa, working desk and etc..
Here is my working desk.. I come for work so I really need this..hahaha

The TV is just great. You can move around the TV on every angle that you want. hurmm...not bad huh!
Here is my stuff. My beloved TV and handbag..hahhaa
Here come the bed.. Very comfortable  bed! Love this!
This view from my hotel! Simply awesome.. I will visit this on the next day! So, stay tune for next post..hehe
The main entrance of the hotel. Sorry for very bad quality..huhu

Opps..sorry! I need to show you the foyer..hahaa.. this is view when you enter the room...
 I take opportunity to take picture of myself..hahaha
 Close up, please...hahahha
So, here is my"jakuness" overload...
That all about where I stayed in Auckland.
It's very great to staying at this hotel. If you have the plan to visit Auckland, I really recommend this hotel because it's located the centre of the Auckland city and it's very easy to access anywhere you wanted to go. If you looking for any cheap hotel, they are around here. Don't worry! Just google " Cheapest hotel around rendezvous grand hotel" and everything will come to you!

See you next time,

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