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New Zealand (Day 1) : Karangahape Road, Auckland.

20 October 2013

Hi there!
How are you? Good?
That is basic phrase that I always heard when I am at oversea. They asking you "how are you? " everytime you enter their shop or whenever you wanna order or any. They're friendly.
20 October 2013 is another exciting and awesome date in my life. For me, every special date should be remember for the whole of my life. I am kind of person that always wanted to remember any anniversary date or any. So, today I will walk around Auckland city! Yeahhh.. I never imagine that I will come this far. I know, I come because of work but I really can't imagine how great is our God and how great is my bosses to give me this opportunity. I just can say thank for everything and I will try my best to look forward in this life.
Today, I just planned to visit 2 main places which is Karangahape road and Sky Tower. All these recommend by my sister and my colleague because I thought it will be far if I go other than this. But, I am wrong, everything is in front of my eyes actually, just nearby.
Firstly, I will share about Karangahape road.

Actually this Karangahape road is all about vintage, craft and any shop. It a very long street. It's not about craft only, here also you can find food, any food. My sister recommend me to visit this road because we both love craft and we are so passionate about craft, so I need some inspiration for our craft. That why, I am eagerly to come see what here.
So, here is my just wake up face, put a little make up and there I go.

I love the road here, its look sooo peaceful..

Another great view of the road I seen.

This is the street, full of craft and creative people. The moment I went here, I feel so inspired to see their work, just simply wow!

This is what recycle really mean,see, they even can make tissue box using the recycle item. Now, it's on my to do list for craft..ahhahhahha

 I think my sister going to love this very much. We both love boxes and unique boxes..hahaha. We can make this I mother know how to do this..

 One shop that really catch my eyes is this shop! Very lovely and simple... I feel so inspired to open craft shop just like this..hahahaha

I have something on my mind whenever i look at these picture,  I think my sister can guess what it is...hahahaha.. I love wedding!!

 See..look very cute and tiny..

Since, I love this shop very I won't go home without buying anything. I will reveal what I am buying very soon. What I need to do know is to share my impression on this Karangahape road.
If you are vintage lover, please do visit this road. You going to be amazed. If you need inspired, just like me, this place totally for you.
How about the price? Hurmm... some of the things is very expensive ( when we convert to MYR), maybe because it's handmade and some is affordable. Just make sure you know how to find the things. Just take your time..
My kind of satisfy face after explore the Karangahape Road.

 Next is Sky Tower, its not that far from my hotel.

I didn't spend much time at Karangahape road because I got very exciting place to visit.
Next is Sky City Tower, Auckland..yeahhhh!

See you soon,
Estelle Paya
( 20 Oct 2013)

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