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New Zealand (Day 1) : Queen Street, Aotea Center & Civic

20 October 2013

* This is continue post from my New Zealand trip last year, I don't know how to arrange it.*
My exciting exploration at Auckland city  is continue..
Everything in front my eyes is look so exciting and everyone is look so cool and nice. Not to forget, the view of the buildings here. Wow! I wanted to take my picture as much as possible on this city. The Queen street, Aotea Center and Civic is not far from my hotel, it just nearby. So, I take opportunity to walking on this awesome city. Let's take a look of the photos.

During my visit, it happen to Diwali festival for the Indian. So glad to see a lot of people come to this event.

The crowd.
 I have a dream to feed the birds at oversea just like in movie and I can make my dream come true here by feeding the birds with this lovely little girl.

The Korean and Japanese food area.

Starbuck is never fail to make me feel warm.

I am Estelle

I end my exciting day by capturing this photo. I still can feel the warm of Auckland city now.

Thanks for reading my old post..


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