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New Zealand ( Day 1) : Sky Tower,Auckland

20 October 2013

Good Morning from Auckland!
Today is Sunday and its really exciting because I am at Auckland and today is no work day. So, that mean I can go around the city, yay! I can't wait to share my experience with you guys!
On this lovely day, I visited Sky Tower,Auckland. Yay!The wheather here just nice and feel so warm, I love it!
Speaking of Sky Tower, that mean I need to bravely go here since I am afraid of height but I don't want to missed the chance to visit here so I just go. The Sky Tower is one of the attraction at Auckland city, so no matter what MUST GO!
I don't talk too much, just enjoy the view from my XperiaTX lense..haha

Here is "happy" face of mine, I can't smile because I am afraid people will thought that I am a crazy girl. Lesson is this is disadvantages of travel alone.. :(

The Sky Tower reflection on other buildings

 The entrance is here

Buying ticket and time to explore.

The view is so beautiful and I managed to take this photo with my loyal friend, Xperia TX.

Here is my satisfy faces after seen the beautiful view. Time to explore the city.

Yeww!! Finish my mission to go here. It's really exciting but good experience.
Next, is just go around the city...

Thanks for stopping by and reading..

See you next time,
Estelle Paya
( 20 Oct 2013)


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