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New Zealand : Dinner at Katsura

19 October 2013

Hi there again!
As I mentioned previously, 19 October is a very special date for me. You may curious to know why, but I choose not to tell you because it's really private for me. What can I say is 19 October is a special date for me.
Since I travel to Auckland this year, its make more special. So, to make it more special, I went for dinner at hotel Japanese restaurants. During my stay at oversea, I just can eat Japanese food, I am not sure why but only that I feel can eat.
The restaurant just at level 1 of the hotel that I am stayed at Auckland, New Zealand. I wanted to go out, but very cold and dark so that why I came eat my dinner here.Eating alone is always terrible things that happen in my life. But, when you travel alone, all you need is get used to it. Hopefully one day, I will be able to share a delicious and expensive meal with someone. It's will be my treat for sure.

 Lonely chopstick, just like me...hahaha

 Whenever you ate Japanese food, don't miss the green tea.. it good for your body!
So, here is my dinner..nyum! Feel like wanna eat Japanese food again..hehe

 Look! I am eating very well..I finish up everything.. I won't leave any food anymore.

 Then, lastly, the dessert is here!Nyum!

So, that all for my special dinner. I love my dinner and I love the day! Such a great day.. Thanks to God for giving me such blessing in my life. If you feel like your life is not getting better or getting worst, just hanging there and be patient. Someday, the beautiful and magical day will come in your life.
Next is all about hotel that I am staying at Auckland.. It very huge and look great!

See you again,

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