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Pre-Travel : My travel planning ( Australia & New Zealand)

14 October 2013

Hi there!
As I already reveal previously, I will go to oversea in 1 day.. I feel excited and super nervous at the same time. There so many things to settle down before I go to each destination. I just pray to God so everything will be fine and there nothing wrong happen especially at office and airport or anywhere. God will be with me for sure, I believe in that.
So, what I wanna share now is regarding my feeling now.
As I already mentioned so many time, I am very excited and super nervous right now.
I feel there so many things to settle down but I don't know which one to do.

To make it easier for me, I sort the things into 2 types :
i. Office Matter ( I go for business trip so this is important).If you go for vacation, just ignore this, okay?
ii. Personal matter
Here, I will talk about item (ii) since it's more important for you guys, I guess..
Previously, I already write about how to pack for travel, go here.
So, I will not talk about that matter anymore and if you want to know the very basic things to pack just go to that post, okay?
For personal matter/needed for your travelling time, make sure you check list below :

a) Passport/Visa
- Make sure the expired date is more than 6 month at least
- For renewal tips, you can go here.

b) Ticket details
- Remember the date and time, don't miss your flight!
- FYI, for international flight, you need to be at airport 3 hours before your flight and for domestic flight, you need to be there 1 hour before at least.

c) Personal needed
- What you'll wear for (n) days of your travelling.
- Tips for clothes to bring, click here.

d) Electronic gadgets
- Bring your smartphone or camera
- You'll need extra battery for your smartphone for sure, visit here for recommendation of power bank.

e) Credit card/debit card matter and telecommunication matter
- Make sure you call your CC bank to activated your CC at oversea
-Same goes to telecommunication matter ( I am not really sure about this actually..)

f) Malaysia Embassy office number
- I think this is necessary because if anything happen to you, you need to contact them if anything!

I think that all for the check list..
Hopefully, it will help you during your pre-travel preparation.

If there any ideas or comment, please comment below.


See you soon,
Estelle P

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