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{Real Wedding} : Indian Wedding ( Kisha)

14 October 2013

Hi everybody!
I love wedding as always. Whenever I attend wedding I can't wait to share it with you guys! But, I'm really sorry for late post again.Actually, this is my colleague wedding on March 2013 but I'm not even open my blog that time so I didn't share it with you guys!
So, here it is!This is my second time attending the Indian wedding. What I love about Indian wedding is its full of bright color and everywhere is pretty things. Then, I love their food for sure. There nothing I don't like to eat in this world..hahhaa.
Let's enjoys the picture.

I won't say anything because you'll tired of what I'm saying..hahha

Happy preggy lady!

Miss you this look..haha

I'm taller than you..hehe

We're same batch.. :)

Gorgeous lady in the house

Here come the gorgeous bride!

Group photo of my colleagues

That's all!

Hope you enjoy my sharing!
See you soon,

Estelle Paya

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