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{Wedding Ideas} : Winter Wedding

13 October 2013

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Happy Day people!
Yeah.. weekend is here! Who doesn't love weekend? I always love weekend. It's time to rest after working very hard for 5 days.But, for this week, I am a bit busy so I couldn't rest on weekend especially Saturday. I want finish my work..ahahha.Okay, stop talk about work..Let's move to main topic.Winter wedding??
Let's me reveal another thing that I love in this life. I love winter season but I never experience winter .I just love it and I really wanted to experience it.Hopefully, one day  I can experience it and live with it everyday..haha. My country no winter season but world is big and I can go anywhere to experience it right?..hahahaWhat I wanna talk about is another favorite inspiration. Winter wedding...

In my life, I always dream to touch snow, I want to know how the feeling when touch snow. One of my friend said " it's just like ice kacang ice ", really? And also its feel very smooth and when you touch it, it will be melt on your hand. Wow!! I really need to experience this.

I am always fan of wedding, whenever I saw something that beautiful, my mind will directly go to wedding theme.
So, when  I saw one winter wedding that really catch my eyes and I can't stop thinking of it since I saw the picture.
I cant stop imagine that I get married on the winter season..hahahhaha and I can't wait to share it with you guys.
So, here its another favorite inspiration of mine.

credit photo :
Why I love winter wedding?
Because everything is naturally white and I can't stop imagine to match my white chair and pastel color with this winter season..hahhaa, I am dream big right now. hahahaha

Okay, have fun guys!
Thanks for reading my mumbling and rumbling dream..

See you again,
Estelle Paya

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