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{ Skincare} : Cure my pimple face!

Pimples! arghh.. I feel stress whenever there pimples on my faces. I don't have any pretty baby face that smooth like a porcelin but I am very worried whenever pimple on my face. From my experience, the pimples on your face because of your eating habit, sleeping habit or sometime product changing. If you always eating the oily food, I believe it will make your face oily unless you know how to eat oily food properly, make sure you not put your oily and dirty finger on your face, wash it first. That is common sense right? Okay, lack of sleep is another common factor of pimples. Don't always sleep late because its will affect your skin. Last one is keep changing the skincare product. Tips, my mum did tell me, whenever you want to change your skincare product, please wait for 2 week before use the new brand, if not its will affect your skin.
Okay, I talk a lot about this, that mean I also facing this issue a lot when I on my teenage year ( still teenage right now..ehhe) until now, I still face it. The main factor is lack of sleep.
So, here is one recommended solution..
This is Skin Food Skincare. This product is recommend by one of my colleagues. The name of the product is Barley & Mandarin Toner. After wash your face with your cleanser, put good amount on square puff and wipe it on your face slowly especially on the area that had a lot of pimples. Be careful! Don't angry to your pimples. Wipe gently for 5 minutes.
 Then after that, use this Barley & Mandarin Spot Gel. Put it on your pimple and leave it. It will feel a bit pain, maybe because of the reaction of the ingredients of this product on your pimple. Don't wipe it..just leave it over night. After use it for few times, the pimples will cured.
 Don't worry when you had pimple or a lots of pimples on your face, take it easy, don't stressed! If you're stress then they will come more. Treat your pimple carefully and don't do the bad habit anymore okay?
Smooth and pimples skin is most important if you want look better.
If you feel frustrated with your face now, and tried sooo many skincare product, but the result is not like you wanted. I recommend this product and hopefully, its will work for you. my pimples face..
This my face after use this for 1 week. Look like less pimple..
What I hate about have pimple is its feel hurt and itchy.. Feel wanna "garu" but I can't...argghh.
How about you?

Thanks for reading.

Love ya,
Estelle Paya

Outfit Diary : Magenta maxi dress + Collared shirt

Hi there!
Here is my Sunday outfit.Its maxi skirt. I love the maxi skirt last time especially around May.If can, I want wear maxi skirts every day. But, when I think about it now, I really love to wear maxi skirt because I feel really insecure and not confident with my lower body. Its become bigger day by day due to eating habit. I feel wanna hide it and never show it. But, mind is change. I feel proud what I had and I take responsible for become like this. I will love what I do and what I had done. Don't hate your body and don't compare yourself with others. You're different and enjoy what you got, okay?

Outfit Diary : Birdy Maxi Dress + Mint Cardigan

Hi there!
Last night, I drink Green Tea Latte late and I cannot close my eyes. So, whenever I feel cannot sleep, I will browsing my picture on my laptop.And, I saw a lots of picture that I haven't share with you guys. I know, the picture quality is very bad because is taken by my own hand..haha.I will do better in future, I promise!This time, I want to share the one of nice outfit I ever had. Here it is ==> My birdy maxi dress. Its very comfortable and I can wear it for day out with my friend and go to church. I really love wearing dress because I feel comfortable this way.You can wear the sleeveless maxi dress with short jacket ( its fall before your butt or find something that light just like the cardigan I wear. Love the color so much! hehe.


Outfit Diary : Simple Pink T-shirt + Black midi skirt | The first love

Happy Sunday my friends!
Hope you had a great Sunday. As usual,Sunday always the greatest day in my life. I spend most of the day with my friends and went to church to serve God that I loved the most.
Since I love Sunday so much, I always find myself dressed up every Sunday. Not to show off what I had but I feel good for look beautiful in my eyes ( my confident level is very high..haha) on the day that I love the most.Whatever body type you had and whatever your weakness, don't feel shy or feel down to show what you got.Don' t feel bad if you' re not skinny or what your model/ idol look like. Just accept your body and be healthy and most important, be good to yourself. Love yourself is the most things you need to do.


My favorite songs

Today, I had a lot of post!hahaha..
 I don't have time to update my blog on weekdays so I make sure I can update it on my weekend. 
Here I wanna share some of my favorite songs. Its old song I know. 
I super love these singer previously and I still love them now but some of them slow down in entertainment industry and some of them make a sensations.
No matter what they're doing, I just love their music.
** All the videos taken from YouTube.
Okay, let's enjoy!
My no.1 favorite is Stranger by Hilary Duff. Uh huh..long time no see her.. :)

No.2 favorite is Say Ok by Vanessa Hudgens. I just love how innocent she look on the MV but people need to change right? So, just wish her to be happy and continue to love her music.

No.3 favorite is 7 Things by Miley Cyrus. Super love this songs during my study time.hahahaa. I thought I never will experienced the 7 things that I hate about you but I already experience it..haha.Kidding!
She is sensation right now and still love her music. I don't care what people said about her but love her music, that all! Others, just don't care!

Last but not least, Me & U by Cassie.This song  I can say the sexiest among the songs that I ever heard..haha. A lot actually but I just love this songs. Not much update about her now but patiently waiting for her comeback someday!
I love this generation song compared to current generation because its really suit my soul and their songs is full of meaning and story. I love songs that had their own story.


Thanks for reading!

Estelle Paya

{Real Wedding} : Isuie & Jenny ( November 2013)

Image by FreddieAmbrose Full  on her FB

Happy friday my friends!
Yeahhh..whenever Friday is here, I will automatically become the happiest person..haha. I just love Friday!Even though I feel sick today but I won't miss my Friday..hehe.So, since I become the most happiest on Friday, so I wanna share something very special with you guys!As I shared before, I really love wedding and I wish I become wedding planner..hahaha.This time, I am very lucky because I can make my wish come true even though I just do very very small part on this wedding.
Actually, I wanna be the one of the bridesmaid but due to my tight schedule so I cannot be the sad! One thing about me is I really love to be bridesmaid, I really love to be the part of wedding..haha.Since this time, I cannot become one of the bridesmaid on my cousin wedding, so I just do something for them. Guess what??


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam : Saigon Square

Photo by Achel

Hello my friends,
I need to share with you my visit to Saigon square during my stayed at Ho Chi Minh city that day!There a lot of interesting and awesome place to visit at HCM but due to limited time I had, I just went to two interesting place. I already show you guys my visit to Ben Thanh Market, the awesome market for me. And another one is Saigon Square.

Outfit Diary : White T-shirt + Red Full Midi Skirt

Hi there!
Finally, I found something that I searching for the most..yay!
I'm not sure why I am so in love this full midi skirt. Just simply love it! Time change, the style also change, right?So, here I will give some ideas how to style this red full midi skirt. 
Before that, I am sorry for not giving the full photo of my retro skirt.  I wish I had my own camera right now and I can show you the better picture.I always take a picture of myself.But, never mind! For this time, just do like this first.

Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam : Let's go to Ben Thanh Market (Day 1)

Day 1 at Ho Chi Minh city.
First things to do is breakfast but I didn't go for breakfast.Because I don't know I got free breakfast..hahaha.Very funny of me.I'm not used to stayed at 5 star hotel so I don't know.And the best things is my sister sleep over with me so I am not feel alone anymore.
I can talk with someone. That the only thing that I hate whenever I travelling alone, I cannot talk and share my amazed feeling with someone. Now, I know how the feeling of travel alone.huh! Its good experience but its lonely trip..haha.I did wish travel alone, you can find here ( all my wishes before 30 is here..haha).I already experienced it.So, for the first day, I just do my work and I go out from the hotel for my lunch and I am very excited to show you guys what I am wearing for my lunch time.
Jeng jeng... Can you spot what I mean?

[Travel] : What to do if your flight is cancelled??

 Hi there!
Okay, as I already share on previous post. I faced one unexpected difficulty during my visit at Hanoi.The typhoon Haiyan is on way to Hanoi after hit Philippines and the damage at Philippines  is very bad. I think you guys know about this since its on the international news.Due to this bad weather,  there a lot of cancellation flight from/to Hanoi on 10.11.2013.And my flight to Ho Chi Minh is 11.11.2013, the next day and there uncertain news regarding my flight.
This really make me worried, I should not worry because God will be there but I couldn't help to worry.
I am very panic and I feel so scared because I am not sure what to next.
So, I don't want this happened to you guys whenever you travel abroad whether alone or with someone.
Here is what should you do when your flight is about to cancel or cancelled.
This is only important things to do.


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam : Rex Hotel review

Time to going back to my world again.
Its very nice to go to another world for sometime. You can see how people at different country lifestyle and at the same time, you also can experience it. 
I am planning to visit here next time, I am not sure when but I really wanted to go here again. Not for business trip but vacation purpose. This place is amazing!
So, for last day, my sister and I, went out from the hotel and capture some picture and video here.
Finally, there someone took my picture..hahaha.
So, enjoy our photo during our final day here.


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam : Upon arrival..

Time to sign out from Hanoi and sign in to Ho Chi Minh city.
Yeah.. I feel so excited and nervous at the same time go to HCM city since the typhoon is near Hanoi and the weather is very bad here.
As I hear from my friends, this HCM city is really nice and heaven for shopaholic people. hurmm..really?
After face some difficulity at Hanoi, I safely arrived at Ho Chi Minh city without any issue and I am happy to see this beautiful city. And most of all, here I can talk in my broken English..yeah!
During this business trip at HCM, I am so lucky because my sister also went to HCM to buy some wedding and some stuff for Christmas preparations . So, I will not feel alone again.


Hanoi,Vietnam : Lost in Hanoi city

Dear friends,
Here is the continue of my journey at Hanoi, Vietnam.
Apologize me again for late post again. Whenever I went abroad, I feel like I am not write anything on my blog because I wanna feel the moment and then, when I come back home, I love to recall what I am doing during my short visit.. very sorry for this habit.So, as usual, start your day with breakfast. I eat my breakfast very well at Hanoi because its free. I love free stuff.hahahaaSo, here free picture for you. Maybe you realized that I really love take picture of myself. I kind of lonely person right? hahaha. Yeah, this is the effect of travel you'll take selca more than ever..hhaha.


Hanoi,Vietnam : Departure & Arrival day (8/11/2013)

Hello my friends..
How are you?
I hope you'll always be fine and happy, don't be sad if something wrong happen. Keep going strong!
Okay,this time I got opportunity to go to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh ,Vietnam for business trip. This is my  second business trip. Whenever I am thinking of Vietnam,I always remember about Michelle Phan. She is Youtube makeup I think girls that love YouTube just like me should know about her. If not, go check it out!
For this time, I am not very nervous since I went for business trip last time,so this is not my first time out of country but I am very messy this time. I dont have time to pack my things very well.huh! So,as usual I will go to KLIA and this time I flying using Vietnam airlines.My first time flying with other country airlines. hurmm..

Hanoi,Vietnam : Another day,another city

Happy Thursday everyone..
Okay, this is late post again..sorry.
 Today, I am going to share my first day at Hanoi, Vietnam.
For the first day, its my work day so I cannot go anywhere  to see any view or interesting place at Hanoi. hahahaa.. So, just share what I can share..haha. I am sorry for too much picture of myself...again...


Hanoi,Vietnam : Nikko Hotel review

Hi my friends,
How are you? I feel like its already long time I didn't update anything on my blog.
I am quite busy with my work right now. So sorry.And for those that had commented on my blog, thank you very much and please apologize me for not replying your comment, I don't know how and I am still learning right now. Next time, I will definitely reply it.Okay, this time. As I promised on the last post, I will share about my staying place at Hanoi.This is business trip so that why you'll see the beautiful hotel room..haha.So, this time I stayed at Hotel Nikko Hanoi. Luxury hotel again.

Frustrated or Grateful

Okay, another post for very late night..
I wanted to share something very important with you guys..
Okay, first I want to share about the thing that make me feel frustrated..
I really like Dove shampoo since the first time I trying it during my high school. I really love the smell during and after I wash my hair using DOVE shampoo.
So, last last month I joined one of the DOVE activity on their Facebook page as below :
Image courtesy :

And good things is I got invited to Dove Empowerment Workshop...

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend it because I got business trip to Vietnam on the date before the event.
 I feel frustrated, I really wanted to go to learn  how to take care of my hair using my favorite shampoo but maybe this is not for me.
 Honestly, this is my first time got this lucky ( its common for others, but this is really uncommon for me.. I never got this kind of invitation in my life).
I missed something that I really love in my life again.. Please comfort me my friends...maybe this is not for me, right?
Dove.. Sorry!! I wanted to join so badly but I got very important things to do.. Please invite me next time ya!

Next is what the things I grateful for is I will visit another country again.
Thanks God for the great opportunity in my life. Even though its for work but at least I see how big is this world, right?
 So, this time, I will go for business trip at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
I never go to Vietnam before so this is my first time, hopefully everything will be okay and I know there God will be whenever I go. I will not afraid of anything because this world is God is the owner and He will look at me whenever I go.

Lastly, lesson from what happen is be grateful in everything that happen in your life. Maybe you couldn't get what you wanted now but God always know the best timing.
 If something bad happen in your life, hang on and don't give up, wake up every morning with energy, dress up and never give up!.Everything is temporary, so hang on!
Before that, I wanted to share my favorite quotes :

So, next time I will share my trip experiences at Vietnam..
Stay tune my friends..

Thanks for reading!

Estelle Paya

{Real DIY} : Smartphone DIY case

Hello my friends..
Currently, its 1:05am and I am still awake! hahaha.. I had so many things to  do lately.
I am tired but I think I like it.. I like busy life because I don't have time to think too much and I learn to make decisions faster. Am I kind of weird now? Nope, right?
So, as I promised on my Instagram ( @estellepaya), I wanted to share with you guys regarding the Smartphone DIY case. Its very easy and its look beautiful to me.. I love it!
For my smartphone, it's really hard to find the beautiful and colorful case. I am not sure why.. That why I come out with this idea..So, Xperia users..don't worry, you can have a beautiful case too.. :)

I know, the steps is super easy so MUST try it ya!
Or if you don't have time, I can do it for you...hahhaaaaa

What you need :

i. Beads/Stud/any... ( I bought the bead at's for decorations on your clothes actually..)
ii. Clear smartphone case ( I bought at Metro Kajang, 1 case = RM7 ~ 10
iii. Glue for plastic  ( For mine, I use the Glue for plastic from Daiso..its really good)

Steps :
1.  Just glue the beads on your clear smartphone case in whatever you wanted..haha ( see..its supper easy!)
So, here the my result! Jeng!
Level of creativity is ________..still low..huhu..

So, what do you think? Share with me if you had any comment on this DIY..hehhee

Even my ducker is amazed this DIY...hahhaa..
And... here the next "victim", I still thinking and gather the idea for next DIY..hahaha.
So, wait ya...

If you have any request and comment or any, I would like to hear your opinion/voice.. :)
For Xperia user, I know its really hard for you to buy the case right? 
So, please let me know if its hard for you...I can help you..hehaa.
or if you have any info where to buy it, please do share with me..

Thanks my friends for reading...

Estelle Paya

{Fashion Tips} : How to buy dress?

Happy Monday!
Hope you have a great one..haha..
No Monday Blues okay? SMILE!!
Okay, as I already promised on my instagram this afternoon, I post my picture with my Xperia TX as usual,
wearing one gorgeous dress..
Wanna see, how gorgeous it is? Here you go! The full length of the picture..hahha.

Okay, before that, I wanna some tips how to wear this kind of  dress, I mean busy pattern dress .
I know, I know, I am NO expert and always a fashion disaster  but fashion is up to you right?
You can just wear anything the way you like and you should be confident about it even though its fashion disaster..hahahha but don't always be a victim of fashion, learn from the past and get inspired.
So, here the tips..hopefully it will help you next time.
Whenever you buy this kind of dress, make sure you feel comfortable with it first.
Try to move around the fitting room. If the fitting room is very small, just lift you hand, try to "reach" something.
Then, make sure the dress should be able to wear many times in different way.

For someone like me, A shaped body, this dress is not so suitable for me because it will make my body look bigger and the lower part will be more biggerrr..hahhaa, so be careful when choose dress.
This dress is very comfortable for me but one thing is its very fit on lower part. I should DIET!! hahhaha.

DIET?? My face whenever I start thinking to dieting..Hahhahaa...
I'm trying to so shock face,but my lubang hidung is become sooo big.
 Don't try this at public ladies..hahahaa

Lastly, I should lose some weight to fit this dress.. If its really fit and comfortable on my lower part that day, I will just grab it but too bad, I just can take picture of it and next time, when I lose some weight.
Thanks for reading and sorry for many selca. I love to take picture of myself because I just can do that in my life..hahahha

Thanks you very much for reading!

See you next time,

Estelle Paya

Travel Food : What I ate at New Zealand...

Hi again..
I already share what I ate at Australia on my previous post. I know, I's very common food..haha. That why, I told you guys not to laugh at me. But, during my stayed at New Zealand, I always feel like wanna eat. Maybe because of the chilly and sometime raining weather.When you feel cold, you always wanted to eat..hahhaa ( that my excuse when I feel don't want diet..ehehe)
So, let's see what I ate here.
Before that, I want treat you guys with something that make mouth watering...jeng jeng! Its for you...

I arrived at New Zealand around 8pm something so I feel soo hungry..and outside already dark and I am not familiar yet with this place so I just went to hotel restaurant and I ate most expensive food during this trip!huhu..
What I ate you go.

Here is my dessert..the cake just awesome!

 On 20th October, my outing day, here is my lunch.. I skipped my breakfast again..huh!

After I go around and around the city, I feel hungry again and I ate Japanese food again..

 See, how hungry am I ? I never ate all the food that I order before but now, I can ate all.. except the salad..I hate it!

21 October 2013, my first day at office. Here is my lunch.. I forgot the name but its taste very good..

 After office hours, I just walking going back to my hotel. It's tiring but its fine for me because I can see around..I get thirsty so Just Juice here!

 On the 2nd day, I went to Malaysian Restaurance and I ordered this. and I cannot finish it. It's tooo many..
Sorry my love rice!

And here is my dinner..This time, I ate Korean food. Nyum!

 The kimchi just's taste very nice and I love it!

On my 3rd day, here is my lunch.. Tom Yam Kung! It's raining and chilly outside so tom yam is just my life saver..hahaha

My dinner is Korean kind of economy rice and once again, the amount just tooooo many...

My supper...hahahhaha.. Love love love this donut. It's green tea donut. Oh my God! Just love it... I should buy more...ahhahahhaha

On my last day at New Zealand, I ate Japanese food again...huhu

So, that all about what food I ate during my stayed here. Mostly is Japanes and Korean food. When I ate that food, I feel so close to home and can't wait to going back..haha. I just miss the food so badly.hahhha

Thanks for  reading!
Love you guys..

See ya,
estelle paya

Travel Food : What I ate at Australia...

Hi friends,
I just realize I didn't share about what food did I ate during my business trip to Australia and New Zealand last time.
You going to laugh at me when you see what I am eating..hahaha
Okay, want to know what I ate??
Let's see it...hahhahaaa

Sorry guys, this is not at Australia but KLIA.. Latte as usual..

 In flight menu..nyummm!

 First day food at Australia..and it's expensive!!! $20..oh God!

 For my dinner, my colleague treat me sushi.. and the wasabi is very spicy! huhu...sweat!

2nd day, I didn't eat my breakfast. and not eat my lunch also..Just ate some biscuit because I don't feel like to eat..
3rd day, I skip my breakfast again..huhu and here is my lunch! The price is $7.. but too much onion..I don't like that..but I am hungry so just ate it!

 Then, for my dinner.. see what I found, I found my sweetheart here..hahahha, I smile all the way I going back hotel.
 And my friend recommended this cookies to me so I just buy it. 4 pieces = $12..hmmm... Its taste delicious.

 And not to forget my another favorite, my Oreo McFlurry! Nyum!
 I will become cheeseburger because I love cheeseburger... I never tried other burger other than this..hahaha

 Finally, on my last day at Sydney, I found rice! I feel heavan is near..hahhaha.

During this trip, I realized I am truly Malaysian because whenever I went, I always missed the food. I used to eat the spicy food.
I thanks God because let me try all these food.
Next time, when you travel to Australia, try their food..hahahaa..I am not really into eating during my stayed here.. I don't know why!

So next, What I ate at New Zealand....

Stay tuned..
Estelle Paya