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{Fashion Tips} : How to buy dress?

04 November 2013

Happy Monday!
Hope you have a great one..haha..
No Monday Blues okay? SMILE!!
Okay, as I already promised on my instagram this afternoon, I post my picture with my Xperia TX as usual,
wearing one gorgeous dress..
Wanna see, how gorgeous it is? Here you go! The full length of the picture..hahha.

Okay, before that, I wanna some tips how to wear this kind of  dress, I mean busy pattern dress .
I know, I know, I am NO expert and always a fashion disaster  but fashion is up to you right?
You can just wear anything the way you like and you should be confident about it even though its fashion disaster..hahahha but don't always be a victim of fashion, learn from the past and get inspired.
So, here the tips..hopefully it will help you next time.
Whenever you buy this kind of dress, make sure you feel comfortable with it first.
Try to move around the fitting room. If the fitting room is very small, just lift you hand, try to "reach" something.
Then, make sure the dress should be able to wear many times in different way.

For someone like me, A shaped body, this dress is not so suitable for me because it will make my body look bigger and the lower part will be more biggerrr..hahhaa, so be careful when choose dress.
This dress is very comfortable for me but one thing is its very fit on lower part. I should DIET!! hahhaha.

DIET?? My face whenever I start thinking to dieting..Hahhahaa...
I'm trying to so shock face,but my lubang hidung is become sooo big.
 Don't try this at public ladies..hahahaa

Lastly, I should lose some weight to fit this dress.. If its really fit and comfortable on my lower part that day, I will just grab it but too bad, I just can take picture of it and next time, when I lose some weight.
Thanks for reading and sorry for many selca. I love to take picture of myself because I just can do that in my life..hahahha

Thanks you very much for reading!

See you next time,

Estelle Paya


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