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Frustrated or Grateful

08 November 2013

Okay, another post for very late night..
I wanted to share something very important with you guys..
Okay, first I want to share about the thing that make me feel frustrated..
I really like Dove shampoo since the first time I trying it during my high school. I really love the smell during and after I wash my hair using DOVE shampoo.
So, last last month I joined one of the DOVE activity on their Facebook page as below :
Image courtesy :

And good things is I got invited to Dove Empowerment Workshop...

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend it because I got business trip to Vietnam on the date before the event.
 I feel frustrated, I really wanted to go to learn  how to take care of my hair using my favorite shampoo but maybe this is not for me.
 Honestly, this is my first time got this lucky ( its common for others, but this is really uncommon for me.. I never got this kind of invitation in my life).
I missed something that I really love in my life again.. Please comfort me my friends...maybe this is not for me, right?
Dove.. Sorry!! I wanted to join so badly but I got very important things to do.. Please invite me next time ya!

Next is what the things I grateful for is I will visit another country again.
Thanks God for the great opportunity in my life. Even though its for work but at least I see how big is this world, right?
 So, this time, I will go for business trip at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
I never go to Vietnam before so this is my first time, hopefully everything will be okay and I know there God will be whenever I go. I will not afraid of anything because this world is God is the owner and He will look at me whenever I go.

Lastly, lesson from what happen is be grateful in everything that happen in your life. Maybe you couldn't get what you wanted now but God always know the best timing.
 If something bad happen in your life, hang on and don't give up, wake up every morning with energy, dress up and never give up!.Everything is temporary, so hang on!
Before that, I wanted to share my favorite quotes :

So, next time I will share my trip experiences at Vietnam..
Stay tune my friends..

Thanks for reading!

Estelle Paya

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