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Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam : Let's go to Ben Thanh Market (Day 1)

15 November 2013

Day 1 at Ho Chi Minh city.
First things to do is breakfast but I didn't go for breakfast.Because I don't know I got free breakfast..hahaha.Very funny of me.I'm not used to stayed at 5 star hotel so I don't know.And the best things is my sister sleep over with me so I am not feel alone anymore.
I can talk with someone. That the only thing that I hate whenever I travelling alone, I cannot talk and share my amazed feeling with someone. Now, I know how the feeling of travel alone.huh! Its good experience but its lonely trip..haha.I did wish travel alone, you can find here ( all my wishes before 30 is here..haha).I already experienced it.So, for the first day, I just do my work and I go out from the hotel for my lunch and I am very excited to show you guys what I am wearing for my lunch time.
Jeng jeng... Can you spot what I mean?

 What the surprise is I found the skirt that I dream of after long time, I bought this skirt at Hanoi at small shop near the hotel that I am staying and I really love this kind of skirt.
I love wear skirt but I always can't find the skirt that really suit me. I am a unique body type so its hard for me to find the gorgeous skirt!hahhaa.
I love to wear A line skirt so if you know, please share with me, okay? ahahaa

What I love about hotel that I am staying is...
There comfortable sofa and feel like wanna stay here for the whole day and even I wanna life like this forever.

For my lunch, I ate Japanese food again..hahaa. I don't know what wrong with myself. I feel like the only food I can eat whenever I went abroad is Japanese food. I don't know why?? hurmmm...

Its really yummy! Just the rice, I feel its a bit "keras" and others is okay. I enjoyed the food.

Then, the time I waiting for is here. The work time is over.... yeahhh! Let's explore the city and see what we can see and what make more happy is I will walk around with my sister. Yeahh...
I change my lovely skirt to my lovely jeans since I will walk around a lots tonight! Get ready!
 Before we start anything, we ate our dinner near the Ben Thanh market. I just order what look delicious..yummy!
First, here the dessert..

Here is the side dish, bean sprouts, peppermint, lime( to put on the noodle later) and its "non-halal" popia..

 Here is the main dish.. Yummy! I really satisfied with the taste..Its Pho'!

Then, right after we ate our dinner, we enter Ben Thanh Market.. my first impression is there a lot of things and cheap somemore..huahuahuahuaa. This place also very crowded everytime.I don't know how to explain about this place better, so I think you better google it..hahhhaa. If next time, I had my time, I will explain more better or wait for next visit? hahahaaa.

What can I say is if you want to shopping cloth or silk,here is one of the places must go! About the price, you always can negogiate with them. Just say "cheap, cheap" and if they don't want to give discount, just say" tomorrow "..just simply like that, make sure you know how to bargain when come here.

So, that all for Day 1 at HCM city. I really wish to go shopping here someday for my dream..hahaha.
After when to Ben Thanh market, I did some research to make sure everything is okay.
3 tips to go here is :

#1 : Take care of your belonging and wallet. This place is really crowded so you never know when the pick pocket attack you.

#2 : This market is really hot during day time,so recommend to go here with handy fan and that go during evening time but the places will move to Night Market after 7pm. But, the night market just outside of the market.

#3 : Know how to bargain is really important here. Compare the prices and remember the shops. All the shops is look the same so in case just capture the picture.

There not much tips since I just visit this market not for the whole day so I am not sure the situation.

Thanks for reading!

Estelle Paya

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