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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam : Rex Hotel review

13 November 2013

Time to going back to my world again.
Its very nice to go to another world for sometime. You can see how people at different country lifestyle and at the same time, you also can experience it. 
I am planning to visit here next time, I am not sure when but I really wanted to go here again. Not for business trip but vacation purpose. This place is amazing!
So, for last day, my sister and I, went out from the hotel and capture some picture and video here.
Finally, there someone took my picture..hahaha.
So, enjoy our photo during our final day here.

My outfit for today is really simple and I really love the skirt..yeahhh..

 In front of hotel.. Introducing my second big sister..

Not to forget me.. I want also...hahaa

On the ground floor of the Rex hotel is full of branded things, that I couldn't afford at all ( honestly..hahhaa)

Here is the road near the hotel and the street around the hotel.
A lots of motorbike..Very scary whenever you cross the road..huh!

I love the background of my photo here..haha
Give some love to my outfit by taking picture of it.. :)

Super comfortable shoes... but its bite my feet. ouchh!
So, next time when you buy new shoes, please bite it before you wear it. I got this tips from my sister and I did try last time and its really work. My feet not feel pain at all.

Shoot time..haha. Sorry for very bad quality of picture. I don't have a very good camera..

So,that all...
Wish to visit HCM city next time. Who wanna come with me?
Raise your hand..hahhaa

Thanks for reading and enjoy my photo.

Estelle Paya

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