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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam : Saigon Square

15 November 2013

Photo by Achel

Hello my friends,
I need to share with you my visit to Saigon square during my stayed at Ho Chi Minh city that day!There a lot of interesting and awesome place to visit at HCM but due to limited time I had, I just went to two interesting place. I already show you guys my visit to Ben Thanh Market, the awesome market for me. And another one is Saigon Square.

If you love clothes, handbag, dresses, shoes and more, this place is definitely for you. This place is like of heaven for shopper like me. I can see so many things that I loved but unfortunately, I came for my business trip, not for vacation or shopping trip, so I cannot do shopping. I am trying my best to control myself.Please control yourself, Aya! I just help my sister do some shopping only. Shopping for good as usual.So, the proof I am here. Yeah! My happy faces whenever I am on my way to do window shopping.haha
Actually, the photo above is in front of Saigon Centre. If you want the branded product for example Mango, Guess, and etc, this place is right for you to go. I just accidentally go in here because we are not sure where is Saigon Square and I think this place is not for me. I want the "cheap cheap" place.haha.So, the affordable place is Saigon Square. Just behind the Saigon Centre. From the entrance of this Saigon Centre, just take left and just walk straight for few minutes and you'll see Saigon Square across of the traffic light. Its easy! But, be careful when you walk to Saigon Square because the road is a bit dark and on the other hand, there a lot of motorbike. So, be careful ya!I did shoot a video upon my entrance to Saigon Square but I am not sure why I cannot share it here. Too bad!Its okay, I will try again.On the next day, early morning, we went to Saigon Square again. Just to take picture in front of it and at the same time, we thought it will be opened early but its not open yet.

I am so sorry for not showing how the Saigon Square look like. Maybe Mr google can help for this moment?
This place is awesome and I already make a wish to go here again. I want to go here again because I wanted to shopping the beautiful things and take picture at great place here. This city has a lot of attraction that I am not explore yet!

Hope you enjoy my late post and have a nice day!

Thanks for reading,
Estelle Paya

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