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My favorite songs

Today, I had a lot of post!hahaha..
 I don't have time to update my blog on weekdays so I make sure I can update it on my weekend. 
Here I wanna share some of my favorite songs. Its old song I know. 
I super love these singer previously and I still love them now but some of them slow down in entertainment industry and some of them make a sensations.
No matter what they're doing, I just love their music.
** All the videos taken from YouTube.
Okay, let's enjoy!
My no.1 favorite is Stranger by Hilary Duff. Uh huh..long time no see her.. :)

No.2 favorite is Say Ok by Vanessa Hudgens. I just love how innocent she look on the MV but people need to change right? So, just wish her to be happy and continue to love her music.

No.3 favorite is 7 Things by Miley Cyrus. Super love this songs during my study time.hahahaa. I thought I never will experienced the 7 things that I hate about you but I already experience it..haha.Kidding!
She is sensation right now and still love her music. I don't care what people said about her but love her music, that all! Others, just don't care!

Last but not least, Me & U by Cassie.This song  I can say the sexiest among the songs that I ever heard..haha. A lot actually but I just love this songs. Not much update about her now but patiently waiting for her comeback someday!
I love this generation song compared to current generation because its really suit my soul and their songs is full of meaning and story. I love songs that had their own story.


Thanks for reading!

Estelle Paya
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