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Outfit Diary : Birdy Maxi Dress + Mint Cardigan

29 November 2013

Hi there!
Last night, I drink Green Tea Latte late and I cannot close my eyes. So, whenever I feel cannot sleep, I will browsing my picture on my laptop.And, I saw a lots of picture that I haven't share with you guys. I know, the picture quality is very bad because is taken by my own hand..haha.I will do better in future, I promise!This time, I want to share the one of nice outfit I ever had. Here it is ==> My birdy maxi dress. Its very comfortable and I can wear it for day out with my friend and go to church. I really love wearing dress because I feel comfortable this way.You can wear the sleeveless maxi dress with short jacket ( its fall before your butt or find something that light just like the cardigan I wear. Love the color so much! hehe.

Tips#1 :  Whenever wear the crowd/busy pattern of dress, try to not match it with crowded pattern of jacket and wear minimal accessories.

Tips#2 : Don't forget to wear belt and if the belt too long, find your creative way to tie it.

Tips #3: If you are short like me, try to find the maxi dress that not too long, its will make you shorter. ( I look shorter here..hehe)
 Last tips, be happy with what you're wearing because you the one that bought the wonderful dress and enjoy it!Sorry for my messy hair..hahaha, I am usually not like that but nevermind..hehe.

 Not to forget, let's have a good memories with any of your dress or clothes with your friends! Dress well ( everyday..hehe) and be well to other people..

Thanks for reading!

See you soon,
Estelle Paya

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