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Outfit Diary : Magenta maxi dress + Collared shirt

29 November 2013

Hi there!
Here is my Sunday outfit.Its maxi skirt. I love the maxi skirt last time especially around May.If can, I want wear maxi skirts every day. But, when I think about it now, I really love to wear maxi skirt because I feel really insecure and not confident with my lower body. Its become bigger day by day due to eating habit. I feel wanna hide it and never show it. But, mind is change. I feel proud what I had and I take responsible for become like this. I will love what I do and what I had done. Don't hate your body and don't compare yourself with others. You're different and enjoy what you got, okay?

To be honest, I also struggling to accept my body type. I always wanted to be thinner, small lower part, slimmer arms and small everything. Its not mean you can't get that shape, its depends on you! If you want it, please mind your eating habit and enjoy your dieting program, don't hurt yourself.
Okay, move on to the outfit. What do you think?

As usual, as much I enjoy what I wearing ( I not really care if I am fashion disaster or is not up to date outfit, what matter is I enjoy and feel comfortable..),I enjoy the precious time with my friends as well. Here the fun pose from us! God bless you..

Thanks for reading!

See you soon..

Estelle Paya

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