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Outfit Diary : Simple Pink T-shirt + Black midi skirt | The first love

24 November 2013

Happy Sunday my friends!
Hope you had a great Sunday. As usual,Sunday always the greatest day in my life. I spend most of the day with my friends and went to church to serve God that I loved the most.
Since I love Sunday so much, I always find myself dressed up every Sunday. Not to show off what I had but I feel good for look beautiful in my eyes ( my confident level is very high..haha) on the day that I love the most.Whatever body type you had and whatever your weakness, don't feel shy or feel down to show what you got.Don' t feel bad if you' re not skinny or what your model/ idol look like. Just accept your body and be healthy and most important, be good to yourself. Love yourself is the most things you need to do.

Okay,I can't wait to show you my black full midi skirt. As you may know, I recently in love and crazy about this kind of skirt. No more maxi skirt..haha.
I love to take picture of things that I love the most. They're my friend and they need to be on my picture and memories. So, here I wear my black retro skirt. I super in love with this skirt.You can wear it in formal way or casual way, just like I wear here. It's simple and look good. If you are short like me, whenever you wear this kind of skirt, please do wear you high heels for extra taller.If not, you going to be look very short.

Okay, after the posing so "beautiful"..hahaa.. Here the real situation. I don't know how to posing so I just do what I am comfortable with.

This pose is funny for me because I am trying to look thinner but my shoulder become bigger..huahauhaa..Plus, its look very awkward pose.

Finally, the kind of favorite pose, squat pose and smile..hahaa
Last but not least, my photographer of the day is my best friends. Thank you my friend for helping me with my craziness and passion. Love ya!

On this lovely Sunday, we're the dancer of God. Glory to God!
Okay, that all for this time. Lastly, take care of yourself and don't compare yourself with others. Try to live your life in your own way and be grateful everyday.

Thanks for reading!
Love ya!

Estelle Paya

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