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Outfit Diary : White T-shirt + Red Full Midi Skirt

15 November 2013

Hi there!
Finally, I found something that I searching for the most..yay!
I'm not sure why I am so in love this full midi skirt. Just simply love it! Time change, the style also change, right?So, here I will give some ideas how to style this red full midi skirt. 
Before that, I am sorry for not giving the full photo of my retro skirt.  I wish I had my own camera right now and I can show you the better picture.I always take a picture of myself.But, never mind! For this time, just do like this first.

So, here the skirt that I talked about, I called it red retro skirt because usually I saw it in the old movies where the actress wearing this kind of this skirt. Remember Audrey Hepburn? The length is not too short or long.  For fashion trend this year, this kind of skirt seems become hot again.

I am a "pear shaped" kind of girl (I proudly to say that).
Every time I searching for the skirt, its very hard job for me. Because I feel like my lower body is too big and I always feel uncomfortable whenever wearing the short skirt or jeans or even worse is wear a long skirt because I am not blessing with the taller figure. I hate feeling uncomfortable.
 I love wearing skirt because I feel more comfortable and I can move around easily.
So, tips to find skirt for this kind of body type is:
i. Find A shaped skirt that stopped on your knee.
ii. Find the plain color ( its make look nice on you).

And for the tips how to wear is:
1. Match this skirt with the plain t-shirt.
I think every color should match with this color.Here I match it with my favorite white t-shirt.Don't forget to wear belt to show of your S-line.But, here I make my scarf as a belt( haha.. I didn't bring any belt here).

 Just for fun..hahhaa. Show off my hot pink lips..hahaha. I just love this lips color..hahaha

 2.  If the weather is cold, just match it with this look like the military jacket. Don't forget to wear the belt so you won't appear like you are pregnant.

 Hahahhaha...trying hard to do this pose you know..hahhaa.

Flying kiss for my dear friends.We not always meet but let's remember each other.

For this moment, I just got this 2 ideas to style my red retro skirt. I will experiment with this skirt and I am very happy to share it with you guys.
That all for this time. I really wish to have my own camera right now, so I can show the better picture.. hmm!
Work hard for that my baby!
** All the photo taking on my boring time at Hanoi.

Estelle Paya

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