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Hanoi,Vietnam : Another day,another city

09 November 2013

Happy Thursday everyone..
Okay, this is late post again..sorry.
 Today, I am going to share my first day at Hanoi, Vietnam.
For the first day, its my work day so I cannot go anywhere  to see any view or interesting place at Hanoi. hahahaa.. So, just share what I can share..haha. I am sorry for too much picture of myself...again...

Okay, first things to do every morning is eating BREAKFAST!
This is very important to start our day. If can, don't skip your breakfast it's not good but honestly, I skipped breakfast a lot.So, I dressed up just to go breakfast..haha.I think this is my first time to dressed up for my breakfast..haha. Impression is very important you know..hahhaa..kidding! I just wear comfortable clothes actually, not dressed up. I called it dressed up because usually I don't wear like this when I went to breakfast. But, this time I don't want to look like hungry zombie..can you imagine that?
Here what I ate for my breakfast.. Very simple because I ate alone so as usual. I hate ate alone when there a lots of good and delicious food..huhu. I keep thinking of my family and friends, I really wish to share the good food with my precious people in my life.So, next time I will definitely do that.
Its buffet so its kind waste for me.. But, I don't to be greedy so I just take a little.. Good girl, Aya..

 This is their fried noodle, egg rolls, and etc, I forget the other name it! And this is FREE..haha

For the first time, I ate watermelon during my!
But, after that, there important call from Mr Toi or Miss Let..hahaha, I am not use to eat fruit on the morning..huhu. Its good but my body cannot accept it..
Then, after breakfast I just continue do my work and when the work time is over ( when evening and past 530pm, I go out to find something to eat. I wanna eat local food but not sure where to find it so I just go around the hotel.
Okay, here the view of the street from my hotel..

 And I don't have any map so I just use google manual..haha.
But, sadly this place too far from hotel so just ignore it. I wish there will be someone with me when this time come. I feel wanna explore what the famous food here but I am too scared to go out because I am not really sure about the environment.
 See, my shoes is READY!! ahhaaa

 So, lastly I just go back to hotel and ate my dinner at hotel. I am not brave enough to travel alone..huhu. I think I am very brave but I am NOT. I need to trying my hardest to be brave when travel alone.
So, here is my simple dinner and expensive..hahhaa
Just 1 glass of Coke and Japanese chicken curry ( Japanese food again...haha)

 Here the Japanese Chicken curry.. The rice is very yummy.. and I love the curry also but I think mine is better..hahahhaa.. Suddenly missed my chicken curry..

 I am not sure what is this..the taste is weird..I don't like it. The only red food that I ate is chilli ( Lia akau), red apple. Not this..

 Then, I go back to my lovely room. So, here the night view. So, sorry..the same angle again. This is the only window I have on my hotel room  my friends..hahaha

So, that how my first day at Hanoi. There no outing day and no exploration things..hahahahaha. I will try to go to explore next time..

 Work is ahead me and that the reason I am there so I do my best!
Next, I will share what to do if your flight is cancel or delay. I will give some tips..

See you next time..

Estelle Paya

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