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Hanoi,Vietnam : Lost in Hanoi city

10 November 2013

Dear friends,
Here is the continue of my journey at Hanoi, Vietnam.
Apologize me again for late post again. Whenever I went abroad, I feel like I am not write anything on my blog because I wanna feel the moment and then, when I come back home, I love to recall what I am doing during my short visit.. very sorry for this habit.So, as usual, start your day with breakfast. I eat my breakfast very well at Hanoi because its free. I love free stuff.hahahaaSo, here free picture for you. Maybe you realized that I really love take picture of myself. I kind of lonely person right? hahaha. Yeah, this is the effect of travel you'll take selca more than ever..hhaha.

For the second day at Hotel Nikko, here is my breakfast. This time more fruits and fish..ahhaha
Just simple as that my breakfast and one glass of orange juice and coffee..that enough for me. If there latte coffee, then I will be overjoyed...ahhaha

 I always skipped my lunch here due to lazy to go out to find places to eat. So, here is my lunch. My lovely green tea Kit Kat. Just like Kit Kat slogan "Have a break"..So, I just take break with my green tea Kit Kat. I really love this.Have you taste this Kit Kat?You should try it, awesome!

 In this small box, there 3 package of green tea. I keep one for my sister because she at Ho Chi Min city when I went there. So, I wanna she taste my favorite Kit Kat..hehe. For others sisters, I will buy more next time and share it with you all, okay?

 Who love Green Tea Kit Kat just like me?
As I know, there limited place that sell this Kit Kat and usually, we buy it at Japan. Hope someday, I can easily buy it with affordable price at Malaysia.

Then, just like that, my second day is passed. hmmm.. I am not able to explore Hanoi because the weather is not really good also. So, I am not brave to go out..
So, I ate my dinner at hotel again. I know, it will be expensive but I don't have choice to go out in the really bad weather. Here is my dinner.
Surprisingly, this is my first time drink red wine.hahahhaa. I am girl from very small town so I am not really know how to drink this kind of drink. So, I just drink a little and the taste is weird for me. Its taste bitter for me. Not use to expensive just leave it..

And I got this very special menu for my dinner tonight. I ate buffet so this is included..yummy!

 So, tonight will be my last night at Hotel Nikko, so I just enjoy my room for last time and have a good time here.Opsie messie, for the messy room.hahha

Next, I will go to Ho Chi Minh City, I am very excited now because my friends said that city is really interesting city and heaven of shopaholic like me..I guess..its not really a heaven because I went for my business trip..hahahha. Its okay, I will enjoy!
During my last night at Hanoi, I am really worried about my flight because the weather is getting worse. When I wake up at 2am because I keep refresh my browser on Smartphone to check the update from Vietnam Airlines, I can see the tree in front of the hotel is shaking and heavily raining. The only thing I know that time is keep praying so everything is okay at Hanoi.
I want personally thanks to all my friends that remember that I went for business trip at Hanoi and ask how am I doing here. Thanks for your concern and prayer. Without your prayers and comfort, I am not sure how I will go through the all this on my own.

Thanks everyone..see you on next post!

Estelle Paya

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