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Hanoi,Vietnam : Nikko Hotel review

08 November 2013

Hi my friends,
How are you? I feel like its already long time I didn't update anything on my blog.
I am quite busy with my work right now. So sorry.And for those that had commented on my blog, thank you very much and please apologize me for not replying your comment, I don't know how and I am still learning right now. Next time, I will definitely reply it.Okay, this time. As I promised on the last post, I will share about my staying place at Hanoi.This is business trip so that why you'll see the beautiful hotel room..haha.So, this time I stayed at Hotel Nikko Hanoi. Luxury hotel again.

First of all, I wanna thanks my bosses for giving me an opportunity to go travel to do my work. Really good experience.Okay, upon entering this hotel room, I feel amazed with the! Look very exclusive and expensive, if I am traveling using my own money, I think I am not going to stay here..or maybe..haha because its really nice and I feel don't wanna go out from here.

Then, near the entrance, there is the bathroom. As usual, there will be a sexy bathroom and bath tub that I like the most.haha. I love the hotel room bathroom, it's really nice and I start dreaming to make my own like this someday. I am dreaming again as usual..hahaha

Okay, this is the hotel bed. Super comfortable and I feel like wanna sleep the whole day but I couldn't due to my work, need to do my work..huahuahua.

And here is the view from my hotel room. I stay at 12 floors.The highest floor..huhu. When look down from the window, it's really scary. I am afraid of height so that why I feel scared. But, I wanna take picture so bad so I just see it and I feel okay, maybe I scared because I think too much..haha

Okay, here the review about the hotel. I think Nikko hotel is the best place to stay in Hanoi if you go to Hanoi. They had very great services and not to forget they give FREE breakfast, that important!hahaha.And you can access to other famous places from this hotel very easy.
But, it will be expensive so I think If you go for vacation better choose the cheaper place and you can find a cheaper place around here too, don't worry.
And as you guys may know, during my stayed at Hanoi, Typhoon Haiyan is happened to occurred there but luckily, it's not affected much at Hanoi. I did see the tree shaking in front of my hotel but still in good condition. I feel really scared about this because it will be affected my flight to Ho Chi Min city. But, due to this I figure some thing that really a big lesson to me.
Which is what to do if flight cancel or delay?
I will share the tips with you guys on my next post, see you next time!
Then, after that, I will share my experience at Ho Chi Min city. The city of beautiful things.hahhaa

Thanks for reading!

Estelle Paya

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