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Hanoi,Vietnam : Departure & Arrival day (8/11/2013)

09 November 2013

Hello my friends..
How are you?
I hope you'll always be fine and happy, don't be sad if something wrong happen. Keep going strong!
Okay,this time I got opportunity to go to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh ,Vietnam for business trip. This is my  second business trip. Whenever I am thinking of Vietnam,I always remember about Michelle Phan. She is Youtube makeup I think girls that love YouTube just like me should know about her. If not, go check it out!
For this time, I am not very nervous since I went for business trip last time,so this is not my first time out of country but I am very messy this time. I dont have time to pack my things very well.huh! So,as usual I will go to KLIA and this time I flying using Vietnam airlines.My first time flying with other country airlines. hurmm..

Since I flying with other country airlines so I don't know what to expect. But luckily everything goes very well and the main issue is language difference..oh my! They always thought I am Vietnamese but too bad, I cannot speak in Vietnamese. If I can, so maybe I just pretend to be Vietnamese, its easier..hahaha. I don't know anything about their language so its going to be very difficult for me.
Upon arrival at Hanoi Airport, we need to ride the bus to main airport. So,just I just hop in the bus just like all people do. Just follow the flow..haha. Usually at our country we use aerotrain but they are very unique.
Then,upon arrived there, Immigration gate will await you. Don't be surprised,there will be a lot of people. The most tiring one is waiting for our luggage..huhu..
Then..the hotel staff await for me and without any delay I went to hotel.The hotel that I am staying this time is Nikko Hotel. The hotel is great and super great services. They carry all my things so I am not tired at all.

So, next time..I will post regarding the hotel review..
Thanks for reading..

see ya
estelle paya

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